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Wanna know why all the old guys drive Vettes?

Simple. Because it takes the better part of a lifetime to figure out… Vettes just win. And by the time all of us dummies finally learn that lesson… we got old & we tuck our t-shirts into our shorts.

See – as youthful car idiots, we’re full of JDM passions & energy. We have time to work on our cars every night. We love boost, hot intake temps, and overpriced Monster Energy drinks. And we convince each other that we can outrun the old-man Vette, as if they care. Yep we can take ‘em down with our hot-boy Nissans, Hondas, Mitsubishis, etc. So we dedicate big chunks of our paychecks to put Corvette money into tuners… with the end-game that we can maybe beat a Corvette? (Confused Nick Young meme???) And you know what, sometimes we get lucky. Sometimes everything holds together and we pull off a win. But you better hope someone caught it for Youtube. Because the house always wins in the end… and the house is the Corvette.

So! C5, and even C6 Vettes are getting increasingly popular in the drift scene. If you haven’t noticed that already, you will soon. And for all the reasons above, it just makes sense. I mean – let’s look at it from a simplicity aspect: How long are we gonna keep taking the motors OUT of Corvettes to swap in our temperamental hacked-up import chassis… while ignoring the fact that C5s are dipping below 10K. If you want to have REAL FUN in the world of drifting, a trifecta of 1) reliability, 2) strong power, and 3) consistent seat time is what you need. In other words… a Vette… might be what you need bro.


Marc Rose – Silver C5

Marc is the man behind the Vette movement… so to speak. He runs Vettenuts, which has been servicing the Corvette segment for a decade, and is now taking passionate strides to pioneer the Vette to a new/drift demographic. Marc, along with Nick Thomas (Formula D driver), designed the Vettenuts steering angle kit, which is quickly unlocking the key to grassroots Corvette drifting fun.

414 stroker engine

LG Motorsports coilovers

Drive Shaft Shop carbon fiber driveshaft

RPM Transmission transmission and differential

Cosmis wheels

VetteNuts angle kit of course


Marco Martinez – 1998 Red C5

Marco used to drive a built-up LS S14… until he drove Marc’s car around the course one day. That changed his perspective… and he sold the S14 for this red C5. Now – Marco uses his social media pages to spread the word to anyone who’ll listen. When it come to drifting the C5, Marco recommends a hatch over a Z06 and/or Fixed Roof Coupe (FRC). Reason being – if you crash-out & need to replace the rear tub, it’s MUCH easier & less complicated on the hatch. Whereas on the FRC, the rear tub is actually incorporated into the roof.


Cold air intake

Vettenuts angle kit

Aldan American coilovers

Bridgemoto Takachi seat

Nardi steering wheel

Konig Kilograms – 18×9.5

Stock e-brake

Ice cold AC



David Crutcher – 2000 Blue C5

David… is a self-proclaimed ‘lake guy’. He’d buy wake boats at the beginning of the season, enjoy them all summer, and then sell at end of summer. Then he’d take that money, plus a little extra he’d saved over the winter… and upgrade to a newer & badder boat the following Spring. Welp – with a new baby on the way, the family planned to take a summer off from sun-soaking, motion-sickness-inducing boat life. One of David’s friends got exposed to this cool thing called ‘drifting’… and David said, “Ok yeah let’s do that!” He met Marc Rose… and a Vette quickly became the weapon of choice. He’s become a heck of a drifter in a short amount of time… simply due to the amount of consistent seat time he’s gotten. It ain’t rocket science, it’s just a Corvette!



Cold air intake

Vettenuts angle kit

tune (just 415whp)


Cheap racing seats (…would slide around on the factory leather seats)

Hydro e-brake

Cosmis wheels 18×9 front & 18×11 rear with 2” spacers all around

Ice cold AC

Text by Wooley   Photos by Ty Cobb