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I’m driving the new Toyota Tundra for a week. And while I’m loving the actual truck (and the twin turbos), I’m not so sure that I love all the tech in it. It almost made me lose a lil bit of my cool… as seen in this here video lol. Plus yesterday, it beeped at me because it needs an oil change in 400 miles, then it beeped at me because the ignition wasn’t off, then it beeped at me to tell me my own child was in the backseat, then it beeped at me to tell me I had opened the door. All these beeps were in the span of about 10 seconds.

Some kid on Tik Tok called me a boomer lol. Listen child… it doesn’t make me a boomer to call dumb shit… dumb shit. Ok? Get your damn nose out of you phone & realize that not everything has to be on a screen. I mean – you’re only chances of seeing a make woman probably are… but not everything else has to be.


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