SOUTHRNFRESH returns to Jim R. Miller Park

Over the weekend, I drove down to Atlanta with some friends. We were all excited about the show that SOUTHRNFRESH had put together – it had been years since I attended one. Once we got there, it was clear that the quality of cars was high and the vibes were good. Needless to say, this show did not disappoint in any way. Good people, good vendors and good times were had. Here are some highlights from the show.

Group Of Modified JDM

Overall, there was a good mix of cars, ranging from JDM icons to supercars – and everything in between.

VIP Bagged Lexus

The VIP cars really stood out to me. Quality over everything.

Infamous VIP Lineup

The Infamous crew showed up and brought tons of amazing VIP cars with them.

Modified BMW's

Of course, the Euro cars that showed up were to the nines. ESS superchargers, sequential gearboxes – the lot.


Front and center was this MNP3 R34 GT-R. Trust me when I say this thing was swarmed CONSTANTLY. Also, peep the Riverside tent in the background. Less than a month away, folks. You do NOT want to miss out!

Slammed Caddy

This slammed Caddy was one of my favorite cars of the show. Simple, clean, on gangster godfather Vogue tires.

Bagged Fahrenheit GTI

Keen eyed euro enthusiasts will notice the R32 rear bumper on this Fahrenheit edition GTI. A nice OEM+ touch.

Clean Twin Cam Honda Engine Bay

Lots of Hondas at this event. Always a good thing – you can never have too much Honda!

Miata Exo Kart

This Exocet Miata showcases the diversity featured at this show. Check out the Work Meisters on this one!

Bagged Avant

I have a soft spot for Avants – this one scratches the itch.

New Euros Audi RS6 & BMW X

Speaking of Avants… RS6 Avant. That is all. Such a nice car.

Wicked Fast Evo

Probably the fastest car in the parking lot. If not, one of the fastest.

Moe Drennon Update Civic

Moe dressed his Civic with some Rega’s and a new lip kit. Always nice to see him at shows. Stay tuned for more on this one.

AWD EK Civic

On the topic of Civics – this one is special. Notice the rear tires? Yes, it’s AWD thanks to our project sponsors over at S1Built!

Lamborghini Lineup

I think this portion of the lineup really shows the eclectic mix of cars represented at the show. Good stuff.

Factory Rally Car

Now THIS – This was something special. A factory homologated Fiat rally car. Sounded wicked, too.

Lineup Of VW Stance Cars

Slammed VW’s are near and dear to my heart, considering I owned one. These caught my eye.


Keckster Bagged C4

Once the show started to die down, myself and a few friends went down to the lake to get some photos.

Nick's Bagged Alfa 4C

Nick’s 4C was absolutely breathtaking in the setting sun.

Spencer's LS400 Limo

I got to meet Spencer of SC Part Warehouse. He had literally just picked up this limo from Washington state.

Clean EK Hatch

K swap, turbo, hood dump – nice.

Bagged & Bodied Silverado

Kelvin & Jose’s trucks.

Infamous Lexus

Overall, a great show. Can’t wait for the next one!


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Text & Photos by Ben Battles