Each year Southrnfresh holds a meet in Georgia, with the goal being a super laid-back event with an almost family-reunion style vibe. That said, it’s not a gigantic meet by any means, but there is certainly a focus of quality over quantity in the showcase. You’ll find a nice mixture of restored vintage JDM cars, track/drift builds, and show cars. Special attention is given to food and beverage vendors, which ensures great quality food so your day won’t be fueled by just stale pizza and sugar or whatever. This year, Boricua Smokehouse was serving up some awesome food, cooked up on the spot on a 1-man grill, pretty dope!

Point is, these guys try to create something a bit different from the typical show, and they’re doing a solid job. This year’s meet was the 7th annual event, and each year the shows have been getting better and larger. Keep an eye out for their meet next year, you don’t want to miss it!

Here’s a sampling of some of the cars seen at this year’s SF7:


Gram Lights