Not car related, but do you know what you should buy?? Like right now??

A damn stand up jet ski! Holy crap! So until yesterday, I’ve had absolutely zero experience with these things. Weirdly, I grew up in Jacksonville Florida, which is a perfect place to own one. In the late 80s & early 90s these stand-up jet skis were poppin’ in Jax. Neon colors, Aqua East, the whole 9 yards. I loved everything about em! But I was a little too young at that point. Plus, my dad was a vintage racer & huge Porsche enthusiast. Jacksonville is a big Porsche hub, so a lot of the weekends were spent around tracks, clubs, & garages. Don’t get me wrong, that was awesome too lol. But the seed has always been planted for a stand up jet ski.

water sports

Cut to present day… and I have a buddy up the street who races stand up jet skis.

His name is Danny Newman. And he got a new S3 hat from our site over the weekend, so I was gonna just hand-deliver it to him rather than ship it for no reason. When I pulled up, he was unloading the jet skis out from the previous day in TN. I’m drawn to these things in the same way I’m drawn to cars. Radical colors, cool, slick shapes, an aura of speed & exhilaration… when I see one I just have to walk up to it. I mentioned that I’d never been on one but always wanted to, and he mentioned, “Well hell, they’re already loaded we could go right now!”

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I literally wear board shorts everywhere lol…

And while I all-the-sudden felt some apprehension/anxiety coming on, I had no excuse not to go… nothing else to do. It was a wide open lane, so what the hell, let’s go jet skiing.

jet ski hauler

So Day 1 on a stand up jet ski: I fell a lot. 

But that’s totally ok, because I also fell for this sport! And that’s the thing… these stand up jet skis are a bonafide sport! You have to learn how to ride them, and find the balance & the finesse. It’s not like the sit-down wave runners where you basically just hop on & go. I don’t sit down to pee, and I ain’t gonna sit down to ski lolol. The stand up jet skis are a challenge… but an absolute addiction! And apparently a culture. We ran into some guys who had a house in a cove with a buoy-track set up. They invited us over, and before long, everyone was riding each other’s skis, exchanging numbers, and ripping through the track. Well… not me lol. I was still out there doing my little figure 8’s and eating sh*t. But damn, if you’re a car enthusiast, that means you have an enthusiast’s mindset. Which means you understand the the obsession & that ‘fuse’ that gets lit when you find something you love to do. Well I got that feeling yesterday, and it’s got me soaring. I got home, posted these pics on Facebook, and immediately found out that a subculture of my car buddies are heavy into these things too. So now it’s on! Another frickin expensive & time-consuming passion… just put it on my tab lolol.