While more & more people just seem to want/accept an iPhone experience from their vehicle. Stellantis designer (and Chief designer at Citroen’s premium brand, DS), Thierry Metroz just came out & said it. All these screens have gotten “a little bit stupid.” Lol I love it.

In an interview with Autocar, Metroz said, “Our target is to delete all the screens in our future interiors. … The problem with the screen is when you switch off your screen, you’re just left with a rectangular black surface with all the fingerprints. It’s not very sexy; it’s not very luxury.” 

This dude went on to say, “It’s a big trend at the moment to have screens, but I think it’s a little bit stupid.”

thierry Metroz

It seems like Metroz is in sync with the way a lot of true car enthusiasts are feeling these days.

Smart phones are neat & tablets are nice. But a car is not a smart phone or a tablet! Stop trying to make everything one thing. There is more than one way to perceive & experience the future. The future can be more than… a screen in front of your face.

Sometimes we DON’T WANT TO BE CONNECTED when we drive. For some us, driving is OUR ESCAPE. It’s how we DISCONNECT. And we crave that!

EVs are getting lumped too much with tech & connectivity. And while a lot of people can’t get enough, it’s also turning a lot of people off. ESPECIALLY when the governments of the world get involved & legislate our options. An EV can be visceral. An EV could evoke a sense of connection to the road. It’s all in how you envision it & create it. And it seems like Stellantis is breaking away from the herd-mentality a little bit.

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Keep your attention on Stellantis.

(For the American market, that’s Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Chrysler, Alfa.) Because while the automotive & tech worlds are hyper-fixated one 1 future & increasingly slipping out of touch… Stallantis seems to be one of the only car brands who’s thinking objectively. And while most automotive manufacturers are overstuffing vehicles with tech that is distracting, dangerous, problematic,, irritating, and expensive… Stellantis is asking the questions that need to be asked. It take a lot of balls these days for a company to stand their ground, speak their mind, and have faith in their own expertise.