Import Alliance car show

Alright get this – I didn’t talk to this guy Gerald for a super-long time. But I did study him while we
talked. And I did watch some videos online of his crew. And what I saw was – comfort. These guys
are comfortable in their own skin. They’re cool with being who they are… and doing what they do.
The thing is – when you hammer a car this low, the suspension is out of its range of motion. It’s not
working at its effective level. Not to mention any other real-world obstacles. People tell him that all
the time. And you know what G says, he says “It’s cool, you let me worry about that homie.” And he
keeps pounding away, doing his thing. At the tire shop, the guy behind the counter says, “Well, we do
have that size in stock, but I’m gonna tell you right now that it won’t fit your car.” And G says, “Ahh,
I’ll take 4 of those please.”

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JDM IT-R front end
JDM IT-R HID headlights
JDM IT-R lip
JDM visors
JDM rear visor

JDM IT-R shift boot
JDM IT-R climate control
JDM road flare
9K Racing 220m shift knob
Pioneer multimedia av navigation receiver
12-inch kicker subwoofer
Kicker amp
C-pillar bar
Air/fuel ratio gauge
Water temp gauge
Broadway mirror
ITR Recaros

Coilover sleeves
5-way adjustable Tokico illuminas
JDM IT-R front sway bar
Work equip 03
Toyo Proxes

Password JDM whale penis (lol)