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Allow myself to introduce… myself.

My name is Ben Battles. I’m a photographer, and I had the opportunity to shoot this car – Sinh Nguyen’s Nissan 350z. It’s one of several he’s owned over the years. But this one’s got a very visceral aura about it: With a Vortech supercharger, BRE livery, and equipped with some excellent spec Advan RZs

The car was being stored at a garage in Oxford, Alabama – approximately 2 hours south of our location in Chattanooga, TN. Sinh & I met up at our friend Karey’s house, hopped in Karey’s 2019 GTI, and hit the road. Once we got to the Z, we headed-out to what seemed like the middle-of-nowhere Alabama. But it was a perfect location for this car’s gritty look. 

Deatschwerks injectors

No cars, no people, no urban congestion… just overgrowth & greenery all around. The car both meshed & clashed perfectly with our surroundings. I captured some rolling shots, and hearing the throaty Z pop & bang over the peaceful green scenery… in symphony with the whoosh of air being force-fed by the supercharger…… it’s just soul-stirring.

Deatschwerks Nissan 350z

Vortech Supercharged 350z Feels…

With its Vortech supercharger, this Z makes 450 horsepower. On the current tune, the wastegate stays open under 3,500rpm for a relatively ‘OEM’ manageable feel. And the amount of air the car’s putting out at those lower RPMs sounds absolutely insane! All that extra air is sent straight to the atmosphere through the passenger front wheel well. Then as the car passes through 3,500rpm, the gate shuts, and you feel the power build hard. And then when you let out of the throttle, the car crackles & pops as unburnt fuel passes through the hot exhaust… which might just be the absolute most fun thing about the car. Chills – every time. 

The right car should give you more than just performance. It should give you an experience. New cars these days make impressive numbers… but most of them do it without really getting into your bloodstream. 

Life’s short… Do the Thing….

Long story short – Sinh got hit by an RV later this day. Not in this car, but unfortunately in Karey’s GTI running a quick errand back home. He’s fine now, but he was a bit banged up at the time. And seeing Sinh in the back of an ambulance with a neck brace on… especially after spending the day together… it hit me hard. As I began to upload & edit the photos, and as Sinh laid in the hospital… this day & this photoshoot, became my reality check. 

track 350z

Don’t wait… Do the thing….

Don’t wait for your invitation to start living! When opportunity comes… jump on it. Do it. Own it. Don’t hold back. Life’s too short to sit around & 2nd guess every move. And it’s too short for regrets. As grim as this may sound, it’s true. Take this advice, and I promise you’ll be happy with the results. At the end of the day, cars are fixable, things are replaceable… life is not. And neither is life experience

Nissan 350z

Vortech & Deatschwerks

The BRE 350Z is running one of Vortech Supercharger Tuner kits available for the 350z & Infinity G35 (4NZ218-110TSQ). This particular high-output option is using a V-2 Ti-Trim supercharger that is engine oil-fed, and capable of supporting up to 950hp. The V-2 Ti is a technologically advanced unit with a high-efficiency impeller and housing with superior engineering that is designed into each supercharger and is manufactured in the USA. 

Vortech also offers a bolt-on 350z supercharger system that is CARB legal & fully calibrated utilizing Vortech’s V-2 SCi-Trim (Engine Oil-Fed)… or V-3 SCi-Trim (Self Lubricated) supercharger. The 2003-2006 “Non Rev Up” system (4NZ218-010L) will increase a 350z’s horsepower to 412 & torque to 355 lb./ft. And the 2005-2006 “Rev-Up” system (4NZ218-060L) will increase your horsepower to 440 & torque to 352 lb./ft. 

With that level of power, you need more fuel than the stock fuel system can flow. Pair the Supercharger with some Deatschwerks 600 fuel injectors, and you’ve got a solid setup.

Deatschwerks 350z

TruHart Coilovers for the 350Z ~ $600

Sinh wanted to get his 350Z lower & more responsive, and he simultaneously NEEDED to replace some of the aged/worn suspension components. So he went with TruHart coilovers. Bottom line: They’re a really good/durable set for the money – about $600 shipped. And the TruHarts will give you the performance & the look you want, without blowing the entire budget right out the gate… just to get ‘low’. This Z is a great example of a really well-rounded, achievable, & maintainable build. Check out Launch Distribution (SPOCOM) for availability. 

Sinh’s also running SPC camber arms & toe arms for alignment.

truhart 350z

Wheels / Tires

Advan RZ 19×10+25 square  with Michelin Pilot Super Sport 275/35/19. 

BRE 350z

From Sinh Nguyen… 

Thanks so much to Ben Battles for coming through with this feature & collaborating with me on the photos. Thanks to Karey Houck for the hospitality during these rough times. Brad Lipham @ Dog House Garage for always taking care of me & my cars. And Lauren Tubbs for pushing me back into photography & the car scene.

vortech 350z











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