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It’s a neon fever dream strapped to party like it’s 1986. The Suzuki Feel Free Go Concept is their offering for  2015’s Tokyo Motor Show. But it’s heart lies somewhere in SoCal.

A Moped? Aren’t those lame?

If all you know about mopeds come from hipsters fiending for twee, you’re missing out on the sketchiest, easiest way to begin life on two wheels. They can be picked up for nothing, and you’ll be sidewalk strafing in no time.

This concept takes that premise and adds a dose of ratchet radness by slamming a Huffy, manga, and mopeds together for the height of 80’s BMX gnarness.

What’s In It?

It’ s got a 49cc, oil-cooled four-stroke single-cylinder engine, and weighs a claimed 140lbs. It has mags, all the hot pink accents your retinas can swallow, and some janky font work. It won’t light your hair on fire, but this thing is all about ass-sliding at Helltrack.

Get your tube socks pulled high, your shorts short, and Van Halen on repeat. If this thing comes out, it’s fixie hunting time on the Suzuki Go Concept.

2015 Suzuki Feel Free Go! Concept

2015 Suzuki Feel Free Go! Concept2015 Suzuki Feel Free Go! Concept