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Bottom line: The TB Performance crash bar for the Ford Fiesta ST looks absolutely hard as nails. Mods like this are why you want a car like this. Hot hatches are never supposed to be tasteful, subtle, or grown up. It’s not in their genetic code. Nope, these things are supposed to be rowdy! They’re supposed to be a shot of adrenaline! They’re Hawk from Cobra Kai.

TB Performance Fiesta ST crash bar


The TB Performance crash bar for the Fiesta ST takes about 17-pounds of weight/bulk off the front of the car, while providing more airflow to the radiator. That’s 17lbs of dead & pointless weight sticking out in front of the front wheels/suspension. Meaning – 17lbs that pulls upwards every time you launch the car – fighting that FWD traction. And that’s 17lbs out there hanging on the nose during hard braking and cornering – disturbing the balance. Put it this way, where would you rather carry 17lbs?? In a backpack close to your core? Or would you rather put it in your hand & hold your arm straight-out all day? If you’re gonna carry weight… carry it between the axles as much as possible.


Install is slightly tedious, with a few more little hidden bolts & plastic clips than you’d expect. But – it’s not difficult. We dove into it headfirst on YouTube, so check out that video right here if interested. 

When it comes to the front grille, it’s a matter of preference. You can either remove the front grille altogether & run it open… or you can sand down the backside of the grill to open the lower honeycomb holes like we did. To sand the grille, go get yourself an inexpensive 4.5” sander if you don’t already have one… and a 1000-grit sanding pad. You’ll have that grille opened up & looking right in less than an hour. 


The TB Performance crash bars for the Ford Fiesta ST are $400 for a bare metal finish, and +$50 if you want it powdercoated in black, red, gold, or white. It’s another +$50 if you’d like the tow strap & mount. Mounts are also available for light bars, or custom intercoolers/oil-coolers/etc for an additional $50. Order it here!