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This California driver appeared to have fallen asleep in their Tesla while it drove itself. I get it… Teslas put me to sleep too. But now here’s the thing that caught my attention. She definitely looks like Weekend at Bernie’s behind the wheel. But at the end of the video below, it states that when the police were called & a squad car pulled up next to the Tesla, the driver was awake. Ok so that means – the Tesla driver was both conscious & sane enough to ‘act right’ when she saw a cop car approach her. Which leads anyone with common sense to believe that she was just… ‘trying to get attention’ on the freeway by acting like she was asleep in her Tesla.

Some people build custom cars to get attention. Tesla people… sleep lol. Either that OR I’ve been freaking right all along… and half of Tesla drivers actually are AI simulations & not real people. And for a minute, we just caught another glitch in Tesla’s matrix. 

This sort of Tesla behavior is not that unusual… nor is it limited to California. 

While Christmas shopping at a higher-end outdoor mall in metro Atlanta (Avalon if you’re from the area), I saw a Tesla driver ride by full-on playing maracas. F*cking maracas. You can’t make this up. I was so dumbfounded with what my eyes were seeing… that I didn’t even think to grab my phone & film it. Accidents happen, but do you know how uncivilized it would get if I got rear ended by some creepy asshole paying maracas in a Tesla? Let’s break-down the situation:

The Mask

Jim Carrey in The Mask. Chick-Chicky-Boom

Why ‘TF’ would you ditch the steering wheel & play maracas in your Tesla with pedestrians everywhere?

What good can come from that? A maraca record deal? The only explanation… is that it’s some kind of strange, new, super-nerd flex that we’re dealing with here. 50-year-old virgins in their Teslas playing Maracas. There’s your glimpse into the future. 10-bucks says he gets real weird online.

Look – I know extreme cases like this are the exception to the rule. And I also realize that car enthusiasts like me love to jump on these types of news stories, because they back-up our constant warnings that vehicle technology is creating dumber & dumber drivers. But you know… where’s the freaking lie? Customer misuse of the technology in these Teslas, is going to become a huge thorn in Tesla’s ass.

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