In a brand new Tesla-Ford agreement… Tesla is opening-up their chargers to Ford EVs. I guess that’s a big deal, because it shows that two manufactures are officially working together to make charging less of a con & more convenient And it shows that Tesla is not using their lead/leverage to necessarily squeeze-out other EV manufacturers. But rather, to make EV ownership more pleasant for all. So for 2025, Ford EV will use Tesla’s NACS plug/connector. But – you can currently buy a NACS adaptor for any EV & charge at a Tesla station. So in that regard, it does’t seem like breaking news necessarily. 

Tesla owners might not be so thrilled though… 

Some Tesla owners have concerns that opening the flood gates to Fords will mean even less available chargers & potentially even more wait time. Which it would… if the Fords weren’t all getting recalled. Besides – EV owners keep saying we all need to drive EVs… so they better get used to the idea of a full jacuzzi. Ford Tesla Charging


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