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Tesla is getting hit with some lawsuits for suppressing 3rd-party parts & repairs on Tesla vehicles. Basically – Tesla tries to control the service/repairs of Tesla vehicles & lock-out any 3rd-party companies form being able to compete. And of course – Tesla is price-gouging their customers & backing up appointments further than the Cybertruck release date lol. The lawsuits are coming out of San Francisco; the irony literally stings my eyes. And while I agree it’s an irritating move by Tesla & part of me throws a fist up in support of the lawsuits. The OTHER part of me says… 

Y’all bought the damn Tesla… what did you expect?!

You should have been a more informed customer. Maybe – just maybe – you should have listened to some of the automotive enthusiast media like us (*cough cough)… who literally continuously throw up warning signs against this kind of automotive future. But instead you called us luddites lol. The truth is: You don’t know much about cars & you don’t listen to people that do. And you didn’t do much research or have much foresight. You bought an EV because someone trying to sell you something told you “It’s the future”… & it has a couple neat party tricks. And now you’re complaining about the future you bought into… and pushed on us.

Newsflash – you ain’t seen nothing yet lol.

Because this is just the very tippy-tip of the ‘they’ve got you trapped by the balls’ iceberg. If you don’t like the business plan… don’t support the business. Nobody held a gun to your head & made you buy this sh¡t. In fact – it’s the other way around! The gun actually seems like it’s pointed in our direction, legislating us to conform to this EV propaganda. Don’t get me wrong… I hope you win your little case to restore some balance. But if I was the judge, I’d probably lean forward & say something along the lines of: Don’t make bad choices. Read the details of the lawsuits here on Reuters.

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