lug nuts


Alright, so the saga continues, and S3 lives to see another issue. Joke Joke. But hopefully you guys should have gotten Issue 15 in the mail by now (the one with the red NYC Civic on cover). If you don’t subscribe, and you want one, you can get it at most major bookstores in most major cities… or if that doesn’t work out, you can buy it on here for 2 bucks, and that includes shipping.
So since Issue 15 is done-up… that means it’s time to start work on Issue 16. We’re trying to get things together. So far it looks like we’ll be featuring a dope Primer Mk4 GTI – I know a lot of Mk4s kind of have the same vibe going on these days, but I think this one will stand out from any crowd. We’ve got a grey/black k-swapped EG that runs hoodless. And a EF Civic hatch from Go-Autoworks that’s still rocking the d-series motor… and is doing a damn good job with it too. It’s not the most insanely-wild looking car in the world. But if you’ve got an EF, it’ll hopefully make you smile and give you some inspiration. Oh – and a guy that made his own bodykit. Sounds jank? Yeah, well you might be surprised (haha I don’t know, I just got the CD in the mail; I’ve got to check and see how the pics came out, but my damn CD drive just broke on my computer).

And that’s it – so that means we’ve got some open spots. So if you own, or know of any trendsetting cars, hit us up. ( I mean what the hell, you never know right? You might have just the kind of obnoxious sh*t we’re trying to get in here. PS: we never know what we’re looking for until we see it.

ACT clutch