One of the best mini truck events is back!

For those unaware, the mini truck culture is alive and well in 2022. Last year, I attended the Sparks show for just one day and quickly realized, there’s so much more. This year, I stayed with some friends of mine for the weekend and I’m glad I did. This event was amazing. Let me take you through it.


Tiki Mini Truck

The show is held at the Sevier County Fairgrounds right outside of Pigeon Forge, TN. It’s a wide open spot full of amazing mini trucks and wild builds.

Hydraulic Mini Truck Bed

People come from all over to show off their rides. There were folks from literal hundreds of miles away in attendance.

Bagged Ranger Flames

Each build is super unique in its own way. Every builder had their own style or they played off someone else’s to make it their own.

Tjin F150 Sparks Show

But some folks stood out from the rest. Not everything in attendance was a mini truck. Take for example this widebody F150, built for the SEMA show. Rotiform wheels and all.

The Cars of The Sparks Show

Bagged Accord on Rotiforms

Speaking of Rotiforms… This Accord was fitted well.

Slammed Car Lineup

A few of my friends from out of town showed up – had to give them some love here!

Knox Auto Spa HKS Supra

Lastly in the non-truck section of this article, Tim’s HKS Supra turned heads all weekend. Crazy good build.

Working On Minitruck

There were folks in the back working on their rides, making sure they’re ready to go and show.

Bagged Blazer Mini Truck

Ok, this Blazer is one of my favorites of all time. It’s like looking at a time capsule build. Super rad.

21 Year Build S10

I could write an entire article on this truck (and maybe I will in the future). A 21 year long build to get this S10 where you see it now. The quality and craftsmanship is top notch everywhere. Mini truck people are a different breed for sure.

Bagged & Bodied Escalade

Not every day you see a well-modified Escalade. Bagged and bodied truck – not the first vehicle that comes to mind. But I love it.

Full Size Trucks Bagged

Man, I forgot I spent so much time around these 3 trucks alone. Crazy builds. Attention to detail is massive.

Classic Chevy 1500 Bagged

I own a similar year model Tahoe. It’s crazy to see the modifications on this platform.

Chevy Colorado Slammed Bagged Bodied

This lineup though. Caddy tail lights on the Colorado, plus the one next to it. And clear tails on the white one. Clean.

Bagged & Bodied 4Runner

This hatchback looking thing is a full size 4Runner. It looks photoshopped into the ground – I promise it isn’t.

Slammed & Bagged Dually Titan

For you eagle eyed readers, this is a dually Nissan Titan. Impressive all around. The custom work on the body, paint and interior is top notch.

8 Wheeled Mini Truck

No, your eyes do not deceive you, it’s got 8 wheels. It used to be 6 wheels, but the owners friend dared him to add another set out back. So, he did.

And then the party started

Travis' Bagged Pathfinder

Once the sun started to set, we gathered in an empty parking lot in Pigeon Forge. Of course, the photos were perfect.

Bagged Mustang GT

There were about 40 or so cars, 100 people – all gathered to cruise the strip. And that’s what we did.

Dragging Metal Mini Truck

It got dark QUICK. I was hanging halfway out of Travis’ Pathfinder getting rolling shots.

Mini Trucks Cruising the Strip

We found ourselves a small group of friends and cruised through Pigeon Forge.

Cruising the Strip Pigeon Forge

Justin’s Cummins swapped Ford truck had NO A/C and no real firewall. It was hot, loud and dangerous. And of course, fun.

Mini Truck Gas Station Shot

At the end of the night, we stopped for gas and snacks. A night I won’t forget.


International Truck Bagged & Patina

Not going to lie… I didn’t really take many photos on Sunday.

Pair of Mini Trucks

I was mostly doing video and going live on TikTok. But hey – 16,000 viewers can’t be wrong!

NOPI Style Build CRX

All in all – a very well done show. Congratulations to the organizers for another year and another very successful Sparks Show. Can’t wait for 2023 – you bet I’ll be there.

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Text & Photos by Ben Battles

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