Shelby is making a Shelby Mustang Mach E. For fu¢k’s sake guys… the Mach E was already treasonous enough with the ‘Mustang’ badge on it. And now you put Shelby’s name on it too?! In what alternate reality are we even having this conversation?! You know what though, it’s not even worth it anymore. Because automotive icons have done irreparable damage to the allure of the industry & their brands. They’re destroying in years, what took decades to build. Exploited iconic names. And without authenticity, the Shelby name means nothing anymore – remember that. it’s just the next retro t-shirt for teenage girls in Target. 

Shelby Mach E graphics

But I’ll talk about the good news here…

And the good news is: Shelby American has enough sense NOT to release this soft turd anywhere near America. So thankfully, the Shelby Mach E will only be sold in Europe. Also, Shelby is only making 100 of them. So with any luck, they’ll catch each other on fire & sink to the bottom of the ocean like the cargo ship of EV Porsches last year. Naaah just kidding, because this is a “retrofit package” for the Mach E. Which means it’s just a package that you buy for an already-existing 2021+ Mach E. In other words, not assembled in-house. But let’s get to the goods… what’s in that electrified package of Shelby’s?

Shelby Mach E white

The Shelby Mach E features…

1) NO additional power. Cool. 2) It also features a 100%-poser “exhaust” made by Borla that’s just a speaker. To call it an exhaust is inaccurate by definition. 3) Vinyl Shelby graphics 4) A slightly lowered suspension. 5) Carbon fiber hood, splitter, grille, & mirror caps. 6) Forged wheels. 7) Probably a key chain. And all of this can by yours Frenchie… for €25,000 not including the crossover. 

Shelby says on their site, that this honors the 100th anniversary of the visionary Carroll Shelby. In my opinion, I can’t think of a worse way to do it. But damn Shelby… that’s NOT a challenge! I’m not holding your beer.

Shelby Mach E side

Shelby Mach E grille splitter

Shelby Mach E

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