Here are a couple quick tips for Shipwreck Jeep badge of honor trail within Gulches ORV Park in Waterloo, South Carolina. 

Shipwreck is at the bottom of a big bowl of sorts…

And the most common way to enter Shipwreck is through a short/steep 38-degree descent called Pucker Point. The number ’38’ might not have your attention now… but trust me, it’ll have your attention when you’re inside the Jeep lol. 

South Carolina jeep trails

Go into 4-lo, and go slow…

Very slow. As you start the descent, keep steady/heavy pressure on the brakes & literally just inch it down. At the bottom of the drop, there is most likely going to be a mud hole. BUT that mud hole is blessed with a rocky bottom. Enter it slowly knowing you won’t sink into the mud, and you’ll have plenty of traction to get through it.

Then, as you approach the signature rock-face climb on Shipwreck…

Your tires are most likely going to be a bit slick & muddy from the previous section of trail.

Jeep Badge of Honor trail

Put the Jeep in 4-hi, get all 4 tires on the rock face, and burn some rubber. (traction control off)

You’re doing this 1) To throw the mud off the tires… 2) To heat the tires & get ‘em grippy… and 3) For America.


Gulches Shipwreck

Then reverse from the rock-face back to flat ground, shift into 4-lo, and make your climb.

Lockers are not required, but it certainly helps to engage them in the rear if you have ’em. Now keep steady throttle. Not tooooo aggressive, but let the tires eat. The Jeep may want to wander to the right… just keep the throttle consistent & guide it back on track. Success! Once you conquer the rock-face, you may have to negotiate a couple smaller obstacles in your path, but other than that… it’s smooth sailin’.

Gulches park

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