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You can’t go wrong with a Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro. I have seen other automotive media sites criticize the 4Runner in 2022/23 for being too long in the tooth at this point, saying that’s it’s outdated & doesn’t have enough tech to keep up with today’s new vehicle options. But let’s be honest: The problem there isn’t with the Toyota 4Runner. It’s with today’s ‘automotive journalists’. And yeah, that’s ‘automotive journalists’ with sarcastic quotes.

4Runner TRD Pro

Because the fact that the 4Runner is NOT full of unnecessary tech… 

Is exactly WHY you buy it! The 4Runner TRD Pro is everything you want/need it to be, and nothing you don’t. It’s a modern, rugged, legitimate SUV that’s built to survive… and that doesn’t feel like you’re driving damn hand sanitizer. Body-on frame, 4-liter V6, lockers, FOX shocks, and a manual 4wd shifter. The 4Runner TRD Pro is what more SUVs would be like if the auto industry had not become 100% fixated on screens, uninspiring design, & overcomplicated electronics. And instead – if they had stayed more fixated on actual capability, reliability, and longevity. 

4Runner TRD Pro front

I find it amusing… 

That some automotive journalists say the 4Runner is outdated. When in 25 years… everything they’re comparing it to will be in the junkyard, worthless, with obsolete tech. Meanwhile the 4Runner TRD Pro will be just as appealing, rugged, & capable as it is today. And probably just as valuable too.

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