Koji Sato came in as CEO of Toyota on April 1st (from Lexus). The loved & admired Akio Toyoda (former CEO of Toyota) stayed on as chairman. Obviously, there were/are questions from enthusiasts about Toyota’s future under the new management shift. But now it seems that Akio Toyoda may be helping Koji Sato from behind the scenes… to continue to push the GR brand forward. Both Akio Toyoda & Koji Sato are passionate car-lovers through & through… not just suits. So it’s going to be exciting to see where these two can take the Gazoo Racing brand in the next era. Keep rooting for Toyota; they need to hear the enthusiasts’ voices. 


Toyota will continue to inteoduce GR (Gazoo Racing) models AND Akio Toyoda is in charge! #toyota #toyoda #gazoo #gazooracing #news #automotivenews #gr86 #grcorolla #grsupra #supra #toyotasupra

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