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First Impression…

The Toyota Yaris iA. Unless you’re a maid-service company, looking for a fleet of cars to wrap lavender, I don’t know why you’d want to buy this tadpole of a car. As your friend, I understand that you just want/need a new set of reliable wheels for the least amount of money possible. Still – I’d strongly advise you to spend/finance the extra $1000, and get the Toyota IM, or the Corolla, or the Honda Civic, or the Honda Fit, or the Kia Soul, or anything else. You can even get the regular Yaris for the same price. My guess is that you’ll make your money back in resale value, and overall dignity.

Toyota Yaris iA inexpensive car

One week later…

C’mon. Seriously? If you go car shopping, and come back with this… I’m just gonna assume you didn’t even try.

Look at it. It looks defeated & sad from all angles. And it’s got 2 speeds: Slow… and stopped.

It’s not even a Toyota. It’s a Mazda2 sedan, rebranded as a Scion….. and then rebranded again as a Toyota when Scion got the axe.

And that makes Mazda the real MVP in this story. Because they found a way to make some sort of profit on this poof… without having to put their name on it. The only plausible explanation I can see – is that Mazda must have some serious dirt on Toyota… and this is the hush money? I mean, I guess I get it. There are still some Americans out there blindly convinced all hatchbacks look ‘cheap’… yet they want the cheapest car out there. This is their option.

Yaris iA - cheap new car vehicle

Toyota Yaris iA interior - Mazda 2 interior Mazda2