Siri: How Do You Handle a Snake?

Text by Wooley   Photos by Jonathan Walker   Car owner Jonathan Robertson   Issue 44

If you’re gonna be worth your weight in salt; then you’re gonna screw up along the way sometimes. That’s the reality. Whether it’s athletics, a career, a hobby… anything. No one earns their stripes in life without any hard lessons learned. There’s gonna be carnage. And there are going to be tests of resilience.

And the people who get most vocal about your failures… are usually the ones talking from the sidelines. A special car like a Shelby, was/is a TOOL created to do 1 thing. Compete. It’s NOT a car designed for the timid or cautious. And ‘resale value’ or ‘rarity’ is NOT what motivated Carroll Shelby. Winning is what motivated him.

track S197 Mustang Shelby Cobra

No one earns their stripes in life without any hard lessons learned.

And that’s what gave these cars such an iconic & legendary status in automotive history. So when you buy one of these to be a garage ornament, show-piece, or a financial investment… you are contradicting & insulting the VERY reasons it was created. And you suck.

You may think Jonathan Robertson ‘screwed up’ when he went crossed the limit, went off course, and hit the tires. But he didn’t. He broke chains. Set himself free. And he earned a seat at Carroll Shelby’s table – know that.


2011 FORD MUSTANG GT500 5.4 – 673hp/681tq


BMR tubular FLCA

BC Racing BR coilovers 8k/10k – soon to be Fortune Auto 510’s

Whiteline RLCA

Fays2 watts link

BMR adjustable RUCA

Ford Racing sway bars


2.3 TVS blower with smallest pulley on 16 psi

AFCO intercooler

Dynatech longtubes

Kooks off-road x-pipe

Custom tune by Kurgan Motorsports


Forgeline 18×11.5/12.5 with 335/30/18 square

Factory Brembos up front

13/14 GT500 rear brake set up off 13-14 car (bigger

G-loc pads

Custom built brake cooling ducts

4-point roll bar built by me, soon to be full cage

Sparco Evo 2 seats

G-Force harnesses


2013-14 front end

Custom plywood front splitter – Rhino Lined

Custom carbon wing from Lovefab, off one of their old Pikes Peak cars