power2weight from Issue 30 – Text by Wooley Photos by Ty Cobb

Travis Chaney's Ariel Atom CCW

This is a 2006 Ariel Atom 2 (Brammo prototype). This Ariel Atom started life as a stage-2 supercharged Ecotec LSJ 2-liter. In that outfit, it made 240whp, and ran an 11.1 @116mph. Travis’s (the owner’s) mind gets stir-crazy at idle, so he swapped a Harrop 1320 TVs supercharger in it – making 295whp. A 20% power increase in a sub 1350lb car is substantial. But after a while, that setup hurt the motor, so it was time to do what all car guys do… pull everything out and abandon all rationality. The motor was yanked. Travis stripped the car down to the bare frame… and powder coated it black instead of silver. All outer panels were painted Honda black. He also added reinforcements to the rear frame, for what was guaranteed to be an inevitable significant increase in torque.

Travis Chaney's Ariel Atom ZZP Performance

The motor was then swapped to a ZZP Performance 2.1 stroker version of the generation 3 (turbocharged) LSJ block… with JE 9.5:1 pistons, ZZP 4340 rods, and a ZZP stage-2 ported head with ZZP stage-3 turbo reverse split cams. The factory turbo was immediately upgraded to a Precision 6262 ball-bearing turbo – with a 4in intake, 3in exhaust, and 3in intercooler piping with twin intercoolers. The intake manifold is a custom sheet metal setup with an LS4 throttle body. Fuel-wise – the car now uses a high-flow Aeromotive fuel pump, and 2000cc injectors… and is tuned with HP Tuners engine management. And cooling is achieved with radical dual custom radiators, and a slew of AN routing hoses.

Travis Chaney's Ariel Atom CCW

As far as suspension goes, Travis still utilizes the cutting edge Ariel Atom adjustable, cantilever setup… but upgraded to Wilwood brakes to keep the car’s stopping power a step ahead of its accelerating power. As far as tires go – nothing but slicks – or else the car is completely bat-shit crazy under any sort of power.
As pictured here, the car weighs 1355lbs. And on low tune, makes 440whp at 19psi on premium pump gas. That’s 1 horsepower for every 3 pounds… think about that. On C16, the car makes 650whp at 32psi. 1 horsepower for every OTHER pound. A turbo Ariel Atom: Madness on wheels.

Travis Chaney's Ariel Atom CCW

Turbo Ariel Atom Travis Chaney's Ariel Atom CCW ZZP Performance

Turbo Arial Atom

Turbo Arial Atom rolling

ZZP Performance 2.1 stroker generation 3 LSJ block. Welded girdle.
ZZP neutral balance shafts. Engine balanced.
JE 9.5:1 pistons
ZZP 4340 rods
ATI SFI turbo balancer
ZZP stage 2 ported head
ZZP 82lb valve springs, titanium retainers
ZZP stage 3 turbo reverse split cams
Custom sheet metal intake manifold
2000cc injectors
ZZP turbo exhaust manifold
Precision 6262 billet ball bearing turbo
3″ custom v band exhaust
4″ custom intake
3″ intercooler piping with dual intercoolers
LS4 throttle body
High flow Aeromotive fuel pump
-AN coolant hoses
Hp tuners engine management
Clutch Masters twin disc clutch
LSD transmission
Driveshaft shop axles
Dual custom radiators

Suspension = factory cantilever setup
Penske front coilover shocks
Koni rear coilover shocks
Custom rear uprights
Wilwood front calipers
CCW 15×10 wheels
24×11.5 slicks
Extended studs and lugnuts

Every panel has been painted Honda black
Carbon fiber tub
Custom dash panel