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What happened at the pop-up H2Oi event in Wildwood, NJ over the weekend was absolutely tragic. Two lives were lost, another in critical conditional while overall mayhem and destruction was blatantly on display. The H2Oi organized event that we knew and loved from years ago is gone. It has been replaced by the same takeover style crap that seems to be ruining the car scene all across the US. I’m sorry for all of those negatively affected by what happened. There is no excuse for it. The people within the culture AND the industry need to do a better job of guiding these kids and making sure this no longer happens. Here’s my rant:


It seems to always be all bad news when H20i comes to town the past few years. 2 lives needlessly ended and another in critical condition from this takeover bullshit. #h20i #h2oi #wildwoodnj #takeover #popupevent #automotivenews #carcrash #streetracing

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