Terry Sullivan’s has an appreciation/fascination for ALL cars. But when got his first Mustang GT, he really took to muscle. It just felt right.

Sully left for the army in 2003 or so, and his high school sweetheart couldn’t drive a manual transmission, so he decided to sell the GT for a car she could use.

2005 – Sully was in Iraq. But he had bought another ’98 GT by that point, and was sending money back home to get the car built while he was deployed. When he finally returned home & was able to drive the beast, the Mustang immediately pulled a Mustang on him… and he crashed it. He replaced that car with a ’95 GT… and his buddy took one for the team & crashed that one too. (It’s a good thing Ford made so many of these.)

It was for real!

At that point, Sully said, “fuuuuuuuk this!” And decided to just buy some sort of luxury car that wouldn’t kill him financially & physically… and just lower it or something. His buddy had a dealer’s license, and had literally just purchased a 2008 BMW 3-series. Sully put $4,000 down to get that car as soon as the paperwork was finalized… which would take a few days. But during one of those few days, Sully saw the nose of this very ’95 Cobra peaking out of a dealership parking lot. He busted a u-turn & pulled in to see if the car was legit, or just a clone. It was for real! Sully was fresh out of the army. He had no plan. And he didn’t know how he was gonna make payment on the car. But he had to have it. He went back to his buddy who was holding the BMW, apologized, got his money back, and gave him $500 for the headache. He scooped the ’95 Cobra… one of the first 30 off the Cobra line on December 8th, 1994.

You can fuck this car up with the smallest wrong move. I mean that very literally & physically lol. Especially when crowds are involved. But I also mean it… coming from a styling perspective. These SN95 Mustangs are overlooked and under appreciated. But they can also be one of the slickest Mustangs out there if done right.

Air Lift

It’s weird, because as a diehard import kid, I grew up hating on the SN95 Mustangs – hard. So if you would’ve ever told be that one day I’d be core-part of a car magazine… and that magazine would have a damn Mustang in it… I probably would’ve cut my hands off so I couldn’t even write about it lol. But – thank God it’s amazing what a little time, perspective, and the perfect wheel fitment & ride height will do. And thank you Air Lift…… for letting me keep my hands. I owe you.

So Terry’s Cobra is running Air Lift’s V2 system – which is the most advanced pressure-based system out. The thing will monitor itself, run diagnostics, and alert you to any leaks/problems in your setup… which is awesome, because if you’re anything like me, your head will start playing games with you at inopportune times, and trying to convince you that something’s wrong… even when it’s not. So this features gives you confidence & peace-of-mind!

V2’s got raise-to-start, so you can park the car laid-out, and when you get back in & fire-up the ignition, the car will immediately pop-up to your preset ride hight… so you can skurt off into the sunset without any hiccups. Speaking of presets, it’s got 8… allowing you to dial-in the perfect ride height for different needs/situations.

You’re looking at about 1400 bucks for this system.

Terry Sullivans 1995 Mustang Cobra – #30 of 4005


Trickflow upper & lower intake

BBK cold air intake

BBK long tube headers

BBK X-pipe with custom exhaust using Flowmaster Super 44

BBK underdrive pulleys

BBK 75mm throttle body

MSD ignition

42 pound injectors

BAMA tuned


Air Lift performance V2 system

PowerStop drilled & slotted rotors

Aodhan DS05 Wheels -18×9.5 front 18×10.5 rear w/ 265/35

Nitto Motivo 265/35 front and 295/35 rear


Braum racing seats

2003 center console

Rear seat delete

Custom trunk set up

5-gallon chrome air tank

2 Viair 440 compressors

Text by Wooley   Photos by Mervin Hernandez