ACT clutch

We’re all working on ourselves as we journey through life. If we’re honest, we know what kind of person we’d like to be at our core…

We know who the best version of ourselves is? The guy who has it all together, the guy who triumphs over adversity, the guy who sees the big picture, who takes the high road, and who doesn’t take more than he needs. Someone who’s got the wisdom, answers, and clarity. 

And if we stay honest with ourselves… we all fall short. Everyday.

We slip, when we wish we’d been stoic. And we succumb to frustration & emotion, when we’d set out to be positive & level-headed. But you know what… that’s ok! Yeah? Because life tests us! And our life is a work in progress

lowered STi

Becoming who you want to be… is not just a switch you flip.

Character is more like a ‘muscle’ than a ‘trait’. It needs exercise. You have to focus on it; make it strong. Wake up, and as you sit on the edge of your bed, visualize who you want to be that day… the best version of yourself. And try to keep that in your mind as life tests you. Know when you fail. Own it & learn from it, and regroup with humility. Because the important thing… is conviction… not perfection. Just like our shitbox cars lol, it’s all about the build.

widebody STi

Josh Freeman, the owner of this STI, is a 12/10 type of guy…

The kind of person who gasses-up the people around him. A beacon of positivity within car culture. That doesn’t happen ‘just cause’. It happens because he sets out & fights to be that way. Josh founded a car club / streetwear brand in 2016 called Vaded Mob. The brand/club is built around positivity, community, and the pursuit of higher standards.

fast STi

Here’s a little bit from Josh Freeman of Vaded Mob…

My name is Joshua Freeman, and I am from Niles, MI. I’m fully immersed in the automotive industry in just about every aspect of my life – from work to personal. I work with a local high performance shop called Premiere Auto Sports. And I founded a car club / streetwear brand in 2016 called Vaded Mob that continues to thrive!

slammed STi

I bought this Subaru STi new in September of 2015, went home, and immediately started ordering parts lol. It got out of hand fast lol…

But I never had the vision for a ‘mild’ build. Out the gate, I wanted this thing to perform as mean as it looked. Over the next few years, I poured my blood, sweat, frustrations, and triumphs into this car. I’ve gained a lot of experience along the way. I’ve learned to appreciate different cars for what they were built for, I’ve met some of the best people I know today, and created great relationships with automotive aftermarket shops/brands. 

Initially in 2015, I had full-bolt-ons with a custom flex fuel kit by Corbin Johnson (Johnson Tuning) which proved to be very efficient for the stock internals on an STi at 428whp/373tq with the Blouch Dom 1.5 turbo.

APR wing STi

But come winter 2016/17, it was time to take the car to the next level…

I added the widebody kit from IDL designs, and began an engine build to match the flared exterior flex. 

My goal was to break the 800whp barrier. IAG Performance seemed to be the move when it came to reaching that goal, so I settled on their Stage-4 engine package… which leads to my now-lengthy mod list (at the end of this article). The car now puts down 821whp/618tq on 38lbs of boost! 

Vaded Mob Subaru STi

Functionality was key, but I also wanted some 1-off parts to keep my build unique & custom…

So I took the car to Fathouse Fabrications to help me fab parts like – the custom front mount intercooler, the titanium hood-exit dump-pipe, the titanium intake pipe, and custom downpipe & custom equal length headers. Come 2018, I decided to swap over to a standalone ECU. After discussing a plan with my tuner (still Corbin Johnson at Johnson Tuning) we decided on a Motec ECU. The Motec allows me to push the car with rolling anti-lag launches. This is easily one of the coolest modifications of the vehicle. At around 6,500rpms, if I hold the cruise-cancel button on my steering wheel, the vehicle will build 28lbs of boost… and as I let off of the button, it will launch the car to 38lbs of boost and aggressively put you back in the seat.

takata race seats harnesses

I guess when it comes down to it…

I really built this Subaru STi (and continue to build it) to keep my mind in a positive place. The tasks are pretty much my route to get away from everything else going on in life. It gives me a huge sense of accomplishment to see this build through, and to share the car with old friends as well as new friends. 

–Text by Wooley & Josh Freeman     Photos by Taylor Galster

Corbin Johnson


IAG Performance Stage-4 block

Manley Turbo Tuff rods & pistons

Upgraded to HD wrist pins

Stage-5 CNC heads

Kelford 220C camshafts & beehive springs w/ titanium retainers

ACL high-volume oil pump

Killer Bee oil pickup tube

ARP 2000 1/2″ head studs

Manley valves

P&L Motorsports Clutch Competition Clutch (triple disc setup)

Password JDM carbon fiber dress-up pieces

IAG Billet caps (full set)

Motec M150 ECU & C125 display with data logging, aux control, & programmable LEDs

Custom wiring harness

Fathouse Fab


Johnson Tuning flex fuel system

Radium dual fuel pump hanger

Two Walbro 450lpb pumps (drop in)

Injector Dynamics ID2000 fuel injectors

IAG billet fuel rails

Aeromotive AFRP

Fuel Lab 6 micron filter & custom lines

Cobb Tuning fuel pressure monitoring kit

Heavy gauge wires installed from battery, with relays for proper fuel pump voltage


Precision Turbo 6466 single scroll with V-band housing. The turbo uses a Ported S Cover, which is a 4” inlet and 2.5” outlet. The turbo features Precision’s Gen-2 billet compressor wheel.

Custom FatFab intercooler kit, 4” titanium intake pipe, & titanium hood-exit dump pipe, headers, and downpipe.

Process West intake manifold (with polishing & powder coating)

Boomba CNC throttle body

Tial MVR wastegate

Tomei Titanium Extreme single exit exhaust system

AEM 5-bar map sensor

IAG MAP adapter

Johnson Tuning plug n’ play harness for map sensor

AEM 50psi boost gauge

Perrin engine mounts (both side mounts and pitch stop)

Killer Bee EJ aluminum oil pan & windage tray

Koyo aluminum racing radiator

Fluidampr damper crank pulley


IDL widebody kit with burnt titanium attachment bolts

APR carbon fiber splitter & carbon fiber lip, and 74” GTC-500 spoiler

Seibon carbon fiber fog housing covers & side skirt extensions

SMY Performance fog light housings

15+ JDM carbon fiber grille

Custom headlights by Jon Paul that feature quad demon eyes, quad Morimoto XSB v3 halos, and V3 Upgraded C-Light, RGB & strobe effects, as well as a custom-etched Vaded Mob club logo on the projector lenses.

Sequential ‘dancing’ LED tail lights with three different modes (custom)

OLM carbon fiber mirror covers

Carbon Creations rear spats

F1 style rear brake light

OLM rüf spoiler Version 1



1/1 (in US) red-stitched TAKATA Drift Pro LE seats with carbon fiber backing

TAKATA Drift III harnesses

Planted Technology seat brackets w/ sliders

Olden harness bar (custom powder-coated to match Brembo brake calipers)

Auto Power cage

Subispeed CP Style carbon fiber + alcantara steering wheel w/ red stitching

Leather display cover w/ red stitching

OLM S-Line carbon fiber switch panel covers

WeAreLikewise “The Suzuka” shifter extension parted with the “Daytona” engraved shifter

OLM carbon stereo visor

Pioneer 7” ADV head-unit

4x custom mounted Pioneer tweeters in doors

9-speaker sound system with Memphis 10” sub

Custom diamond-stitched trunk set-up with floating 5-gal airlift tank

Viair compressor, 5-gallon air tank, and Air Lift Performance Management

326 Power wheels


Air Lift Performance Struts with V2 Management

Eibach front & rear sway bars

Cusco lower control arms

Whiteline toe arms

DBA slotted & drilled rotors

Brembo brakes

SSR Professor SP3 Spectrum Silver wheels with polished lip (18×12-4f & 18×12-25r)

Second wheel set: 326 Power 5 spoke “Yabaking” wheels with candy red face & polished lip (18×12-4f & 18×12-32r).

black Sti