1993 Honda Civic Si   :   Text by Wooley   :   Photos by Kenny McKee   :   Issue 44

K swapped Honda engine K20

Thou Shalt Not Street Race is not one of the 10 Commandments.

And Daniel Stoicescu has 2 sides. He is a kind soul. A spiritual man. A family man. A brother & mentor to many. He’s also an addict – an adrenaline junky. Addicted to acceleration. A Honda street racer.

But he who had not sinned, cast that first stone.

…That’s what I thought.

blue EG Civic on Volk TE37s

This is not a single-layer sport, and we are not 1-dimensional beings… nor are we saints. We have ALL made questionable decisions behind the wheel of a fast car, usually living in an innocent moment of thrill & freedom. And MOST of us have gotten away clean with it. That does not make us any holier than those of us who haven’t. It just makes us… luckier. That’s all. Is street racing selfish? Potentially dangerous? Yeah. It’s also real. And to deny its existence… is honestly simple-minded.

A childish do-gooder mentality. See – children can easily be taught the ‘right answer’ and they can repeat it back to you. But a conscious adult knows the real answers are usually complicated, if not all-together unexplainable.

This is a game of calculated risk that we play, but some of us are instinctually drawn to play it.

clean JDM EG Civic hatch


Daniel Stoicescu had a NICE supercharged E46 M3, then he sold it. And went BACK (some would say backWARDS) to a swapped Honda hatch. That’s not normal behavior. Only a total speed junky tuner does that. Daniel is hornet’s nest that WANTS to be poked. Someone with absolutely no f*cks to throw around for image, or societal expectations. That’s Daniel Stoicescu. He doesn’t care.

The guy has been around the block. And he’s come back to a Honda.

I wrote about this same topic in the last issue. The ‘swapped Honda hatch’ – gives you a hair-raising type of thrill, that you just can’t get in all these ‘better’ cars. Sometimes it takes some time to realize that.

Lowered Civic real wheels


Full color change to Nagaro Blue (interior/exterior & glass removed)

OEM JDM thin side moldings

Backyard Special carbon lip

Wings West Mugen-style side skirts

Seibon Carbon Spoon-style spoiler

Seibon carbon fiber hood

Custom air duct

HID lighting – high & low beam

All new trim moldings & weather seals

Blue fender washer hardware throughout

New OEM fender liners

APR GT3 carbon mirrors

OEM mud flaps

Clear & red tail lights

K series Honda Civic EG


K20a2 low mile

RBC intake custom shaved

Hondata gasket

Hondata kpro vs 4 with Bluetooth

Hybrid racing engine mounts

ID 1300 CC injectors

06+ TSX cams – new timing chain & tensioner

Ktuned spark plug cover

Ktuned engine tuck harness

Ktuned 72mm throttle body Vband

Ktuned trans bracket

Ktuned race spec shifter

Ktuned fuel rail

Ktuned race AN fittings

Ktuned e85/race fuel lines

Ktuned power steering delete pulley

Ktuned side mount engine bracket

Ktuned fpr

Ktuned fpr gauge

Ktuned dip stick

Ktuned oil cap

Ktuned slave master

Ktuned traction bars

Ktuned 3″ turn down muffler

Ktuned battery tie down

Ktuned upper and lower shoes

Ktuned heater hoses

Ktuned oil cooler hoses

Brake tuck lines

Custom 3″ exhaust

Battery tuck

Custom stainless Allen bolts dress up

Custom Allen washers dress up

Fuse box tuck

Manual Conv rack

Sk2 low profile valve cover hardware

Powder coated valve cover

Custom charge harness and engine harness

Tuff racing oil pan baffle

Summit Racing radiator

(The car has recently been turbocharged. The following ENGINE parts are not pictured, but have been added since the photoshoot.)

Comp turbo 62/62

1320 turbo manifold top mount

1320 downpipe 3″

4pt solenoid

Stabiles steel air lines fitting

AEM boost gauge

AEM wideband

Tial blow off valve

Tial 44mm wastegate

APR turbo blanket

Custom intercooler

Vibrant custom charge pipes

3″ Vibrant v-bands

Custom overflow 3an line

Vibrant 2.5 charge pipes

Vibrant return line kit

Vibrant feed line kit

Vibrant air lines

Volk TE37s blue Honda


Action Clutch super single

Omni Power clutch master

Hybrid Racing clutch line

MFactory LSD

OEM Type S axles and 36mm Karcepts hubs – new bearings

Ktuned trans bracket

Ktuned race spec cables

Seibon carbon fiber Hood Honda Civic


Skunk2 Pro-C coilovers

Skunk2 front camber kit

Ingalls rear camber kit

Urethane bushings throughout

Type R front sway bar Hardrace bushings

ASR rear sway bar brace and sway bar

Spoon calipers front w/ ’06 Mini Cooper front rotors

Type R rear brakes – new OEM calipers w/ EP3 rotors

Stainless brake hoses

Master Cylinder upgraded

Volk TE37 – 15×8 +35  w/ Khumo v710 tires 205/50/15

BWR lower rear control arms

Type R strut bar

S2000 Gauge cluster Honda Civic


Ap1 S2000 gauge cluster

Custom carbon fiber gauge bezel

Alpine head unit

Kicker 6.5” speakers

Viper remote start and alarm

Carbon fuel pump cover

New OEM floor mats

Personal trophy wheel 320mm

Momo hub

Sparco front seats reclined

Sparco harness bar

Valentine 1 radar detector with concealed display

Crow 5-point harnesses

Cruise control

Ktuned race spec shifter

Ktuned 5th gear lock out

Ktuned cable stokers

Ktuned shift knob

AEM boost

AEM wideband

JDM Civic exhaust