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Text by Wooley   Photos by Ben Whiles

The Dan & Kevin duo goes all the way back to 6th grade. Their love for cars was the common thread even back then. But it was freaking Gran Turismo that exposed these American suburb kids to the outrageous, flamboyant Japanese car culture. From there – it was on! They used their school laptops to research makes, models, and tuning styles from shores beyond.

And as they came of age, they traded out the video game controllers for the real deal.

10… years… later…


The young grasshoppers became… adult grasshoppers. They worked together at J-Spec, a Japanese auto + parts importer.

Follow me here… because all the JDM names get jumbled.

But in 2013, Dan left J-Spec, and opened a shop called Japan Parts Service. Japan Parts Service is located next door to an existing business called Japanese Classics. And the owner of Japanese Classics, Chris Bishop, was Dan’s new business partner in the Japan Parts Service endeavor. They brought in old-friend-Kevin to run the shop.

To recap:

Japanese Classics is the CAR importer.

Japan Parts Service is the PARTS importer.

So within yelling range, one would theoretically have access to buy & modify an authentic, registrable JDM car from the ground up. And that exactly what Dan & Kevin did.

JDM cars Japanese classics Cresta R31

1991 Toyota Cresta (GX81) – Dan Pel

1G-FE engine // naturally aspirated inline-6

Trust header

Lightweight flywheel for quick revs

JIC coilovers

Front Footwork: 15×8 +11 SSR Formula Mesh 165/65/15 MOMO tires

Rear Footwork: 15×8.5 -21 SSR Formula Mesh 175/65/15 Sumitomo tires

Rear bumper delete with Cherry Taillight and “A” integrated as passenger side taillight – by Andrew Clarke

Longnose front – by Andrew Clarke

Twin “star” fog lights as driver side headlight

Roadracer side mirrors



Rear wiper delete dice

Rear slit spoiler

Front chin spoiler

Oil cooler – FD3S

Recaro confetti front seats

Mr.Grip shift knob and matching cig lighter

Nardo 360mm steering wheel

Purple “Pato light”

Godfather horn

Stickers made by Andy Vasconcellos http://autographicsllc.net/

All bodywork + blue/white Advan livery painted by Andrew Clarke


1988 Nissan Skyline R31 GT  – Kevin Legaspi

RB20DET Red Top ECCS (2.0L liter inline-6 turbo)

RB25 45V4 turbo

HKS wastegate actuator

HKS mushroom filter

R32 Skyline 2.5″ aluminum intercooler kit

Circuit Sports oil catch can

Dress Up Bolts titanium/gold engine bay & accessories kit

HKS turbo elbow/outlet

HKS 3″ downpipe

3″ test pipe

RS*R 3.25″ cat-back exhaust with blast pipe

Fortune Auto 500 Series custom built coilovers (F12K / R10K)

SSR MK2 – Front 15 x 7.5 +6 (+25mm Spacer) / Rear 15 x 7.5 -6 (+8mm Spacer)

Custom titanium dress-up wheel bolts (Gold)

Endless NS97 brake pads



GTS-R front lip

ADThree roof spoiler

ADThree rear spoiler

OEM optional side mirror visors

OEM optional rain guards

Livery by Andy Vasconcellos at Auto Graphics LLC

Nardi 350mm deep corn steering wheel (black w/ red stitching)

Nardi steering wheel hub

Mr. Grip black bleeding cherry 6″ shift knob w/ matching cig lighter

Purple “Pato light”

OEM optional air purifier

OEM optional rear venetian blinds

Kenwood headunit

Kenwood front & rear speakers

Carrozzeria 8″ subwoofer & amplifier box