V7 YSi Compressor -19

Vortech Engineering is proud to announce the release of the V-7 JT-B Supercharger. Designed to be a continuation of the historic winning reputation of the Vortech V-7 Superchargers in the NMRA, and yet another milestone in efficient, reliable horsepower. This new unit features a newly designed billet impeller, and has been seen recently in the Winner’s Circle in multiple racing classes, including NMRA Coyote Modified.
Clockwise and Counterclockwise V-7 JT-B units are available now.

V-7 JT-B Specs:
Inlet Hose Diameter: 4.00”
Impeller Inducer Diameter: 3.56”
Impeller Speed Max: 65,000 RPM
Outlet Hose Diameter: 3.00”
Max Pressure: 29+ PSI
Max Horsepower: 1,000+

Vortech Compressor Wheel V7 YSi -08

Part #: 2A158-090/-098: V-7 JT-B Supercharger, Clockwise Rotation, Straight Discharge
Part #: 2A158-100/-108: V-7 JT-B Supercharger, Clockwise Rotation, Curved Discharge
Part #: 2A159-090/-098: V-7 JT-B Supercharger, CCW Rotation, Straight Discharge