“It’s nothing amazing, but it looks cool.” That’s how Eric Garrison describes his daily-driven 1981 VW Rabbit pickup (aka Caddy). And you know what? A lot of people don’t realize the full truth & wisdom of that statement. Because the truth is, “nothing amazing, but cool” describes some of the best, most authentic culture cars on the planet. Hell let’s go deeper: It describes some of the best & most genuine ANYTHINGS on the planet. Beware, because…

slammed rabbit pickup truck

VW rabbit seatbelts

You’re living in an age where shock value overshadows authenticity 

Genuine authenticity has become lost to shock value, instant gratification, & superficial glitter. It’s probably always been that way to some extent… but social media has dumped an unstoppable fuel on the fire. And it’s destroying our ability to truly fall in love with things. Especially for the longterm. Whether it’s relationships, sports/hobbies (like car culture), careers, vacations, homes, or just peace-&-quiet… social media is there to tell you there’s something better than what you have. And you know what? 

rabbit pickup

Kawasaki radio


It’s often phony… 

The couples, relationships, & marriages you likely idolize… could have cracks behind the flawless Instagram filters. That car you envy… likely owns its owner. The show-out of career success, often comes at the expense of flexibility & freedom. And the consequence of all this is: People become unable to see the beauty of what they have… because they’re addicted to watching a crafted illusion of something better. How freaking disorienting & dangerous is all of this to our spiritual & psychological health? I think if the devil had a playbook… it would look a lot like this. 

lowered VW Rabbit pickup truck

Don’t worry, be happy… in something like an old VW Rabbit pickup…

I’m not a shrink, but I did major as one in college lol. And if I were qualified to give advice I’d say: Focus less on comparing, and focus more on contentment. Defend your ability to be happy & free? Are you happy where your feet are? Or is your headspace off somewhere else… wanting more… and thinking happiness is just at that next level up? Because it’s not… it’s internal. Pay attention to how the desire for more… immediately begins to steal your current joy, preoccupy your thoughts, and knock you off rhythm. 

VW caddy

Volkswagen caddy truck

A large part of our economic system relies on your insecurity 

It banks on you feeling like what you have around you… is not enough. And a lot of us don’t have the strength-of-mind for that battle. That’s especially true these days with tech infiltrating our everything. Because a lot of times, what they’re selling doesn’t even offer legitimate life-enriching experiences. Instead – today’s tech-driven economy is often only offering more convenience. Which let’s be honest, is panning out to make a shittier human in almost every way. 

Convenience is the poisoned apple… 

Technology creates convenience. And convenience subtly steals the value out of life experiences. Wake up. Because as a society, we’ve passed that sweet-spot where tech & convenience allowed us to truly enjoy more of our life… and now it’s robbing us of life. Let’s take the very basic/simple example of automatic headlights vs pop-up headlights. In this case, we replaced ‘a satisfying moment’… with oblivious thoughtless convenience. Now that moment is extinct. And that example can metaphorically be applied nearly across the board to 21st-century life. Hell look at a Tesla: All the speed, with none of the style or emotion. The inflatable sex doll of driving… and a fanbase who doesn’t understand the difference. For a broader societal example, take Instacart. Yes it’s convenient… but what did the convenience cost you? Who did you not bump into, and what did you miss by not leaving the house? And furthermore – what did you honestly/actually do with the time you saved? Alright so yeah, let’s circle back in & talk about the VW caddy truck lol.

lowered VW rabbit pickup truck

Volkswagen truck

This VW Rabbit pickup is “Nothing amazing, but it looks cool.” 

And that’s exactly why it’s perfect. Because in this upside-down influencer/poser/algorithm-driven modern car scene… not amazing is actually amazing. Getting used more than getting posted… is actually amazing. And if we’re being honest, all the AMAZING in car culture has made me lose interest. I’m bored of amazing, and I’m inspired by real. Like, how amazing is a perfectly worn-in pair of shoes you wear everyday? Nike can sell you the new limited-edition Jordans… but they can’t sell you that. That… being true authenticity. Car culture is not the SEMA Show. And car culture is not reaching 1-million subscribers. But cars that hit the sweet-spot, that aren’t overbuilt, over-posted, & under-driven… they’re far more amazing than they get credit for.

VW Rabbit truck

1981 VW Rabbit Pickup

Suspension / Wheels

Coilovers up front with drop-cups and Audi upper bearings 

Lower mounts slotted for more camber to clear the wheels 

Custom-fabbed rear axle flip

Narrowed the axle 1-inch, & added a little camber when putting it back together to clear the wheels 

15×9 +0 Rota Hachi-ju 

195/45/15 Toyo tires 

Engine / Transmission

OEM diesel engine 

Long-tube header

Injection pump turnt-up a little 

4-speed long gear transmission


OEM red interior 

Matching dash mat

OEM seats redone by Race Roszell at T&K Auto Trim 

Vintage headunit modded for bluetooth connectivity

Memphis Audio speakers 


Hand-painted door lettering


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