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When I say ‘Wagovan’, most of us all have the same exact picture pop up in our heads these days. We picture a Wagovan – slammed, stanced, fresh paint, with a bike rack, maybe a rusted hood, and a wood-grain steering wheel… sitting at Eibach or Import Alliance. Shit – and I have no problem with that. I love Wagovans that look like that. Buuuuuuut… now I love Wagovans that look like this too! I love anything that incorporates ‘style’ with a ‘purpose’. Incorporates style with their individual LIFEstyle. The owner is Brian, and he works over at Hasport. For those of you who are familiar with Hasport… they’re located out in Arizona. And for those of you who are familiar with Arizona… it’s pretty good trail-country out there, right? So this is what happens when a die-hard Honda guy wants to get back to his human roots… and go camping/hiking/biking/crawling in the desert. But it’s also what happens when he wants to stay true to his other roots… and do it a little differently in a modded Honda.

The car is one of the real-time 4-wheel-drive Wagovans. And first things first – it’s got a K24 swap. So if we take it back to a paved road-level scenario… that’s already a pretty hot setup right there. Meaning – you don’t see many K-swapped Wagovans running around anywhere – especially not 20 miles from a paved road in the middle of the desert. He’s got the engine mated to a 4WD manual tranny from a 2004 CRV. The transmission bolts right up to the engine. But he also used a 2004 CRV rear differential… and for that, he had to….
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