This is Keith Fullhart’s widebody Porsche 996, and here’s the motto: First & foremost, let it be known that we are car enthusiasts. That’s an identity we claim, but can’t quite explain coherently. Suffice it to say, we see cars differently than most… and a lot more obsessively. We rejoice in the fact that some cars are more than cars. They’re experiences. We’re keyed into that. And we are consciously grateful to live in a world where passionate people create passionate things. 

widebody Porsche 996

We’re drawn to passion… 

It’s what separates the human spirit from… ChatGPT. Flaws & all – passion is perfection. And we’re unexplainably & unwavering attracted to authenticity, dancing around it like a moths near a flame. Authenticity is a non-negotiable for us. So we venture outside the boundaries of where the masses graze… and we relinquish creature comforts for an exhilarating, energizing, unforgettable experience. The kind of experiences that shape & mold us. Think about it: We live in a (likely short window of) time… where we can strap ourselves into a mechanical work of art, take the controls, sharpen every sense, surge our soul, and ignite an age-old freedom inside us to rocket anywhere at any speed. Yet most Americans are more enamored by the allure of… Apple CarPlay wtf. Really?! I guess we don’t fit in with the modern world in a lot of ways. We see a different color spectrum. But for us…

lowered Porsche 996

Driving is not just a task, it’s a moment 

Certain cars beckon us. And when we get them in our grasp, it’s hardly ever possible to just leave them alone. We sit in their presence, soaking up their energy. Staring, dreaming, and imagining different variations. There’s something inside of us. Call it passion, call it curiosity. Hell… call it attention-crazed immaturity, toxic masculinity, or whatever words you wanna use to try & make us doubt ourselves. It won’t work. 

Miles Works Porsche

Because honestly, what we do can’t be rationally justified… 

And honestly… it doesn’t have to be. Somewhere a long the line, this idea of ‘automotive exhilaration’ was imprinted on us, likely during our youth. And from that point on – we don’t see cars for what they are… we see them for what they could be. We are the dreamers, the chance-takers. The ones for whom: Chasing symphonies of shift-points, engine tones, & bursts of adrenaline… become the obsession/hunt of our lives. 

Porsche 996 headlights

So we build & shape them… cars that is. 

We modify them on a quest to amplify the experience. We’ll spend nearly our last dollar chasing the dream in our heads… and/or hearts. A lot of times, we OVERbuild them… and that’s ok. The only point (in my opinion) where it goes astray, is when a car gets built to the point of owning its owner. Don’t let that happen. That’s the forbidden fruit. Beware of going so far… that what you own, owns you. It’s a slippery slope. Especially in the world of social media where we put ourselves on a stage of sorts. We have to be careful not to become the stars of our own show. And what’s that they say: Comparison is the thief of joy?

widebody Porsche 996

For obvious reasons, Keith has always wanted a Porsche 911…

And he always envisioned it being outrageous. But he didn’t want to take it so far, that it became a liability to even take it out into the world. Not all – but a lot of these various high-profile widebody/restomod Porsches out there, just become Instagram pages. Only coming out of their den to get photographed at Porsche-exclusive meets… and to rub shoulders with Porsche-exclusive elitists. That’s not exactly what Porsche roots are about. A true Porsche’s authenticity is in its scars, not its flawlessness. 

widebody Porsche 996

This widebody Porsche 996 was built to be driven & enjoyed… 

You can nitpick it. But that’s missing the point. The point is to inspire… not critique. It’s to convey the unfiltered energy of a rule-breaking 911 in your grips. Porsche was meant to be a sports car above all… to make you feel. The “Porsche” I grew up around was not about conformity, convenience, or materialism. And Porsche did not compromise their sports cars for the casual owner. These days, modern Porsches come with a dress code. Break the dress code.

Photos by Cody Martin

widebody Porsche 996

2004 Porsche 911 Carrera

Miles Works Automotive widebody

-Installed by Top Fuel Garage

Olive Black wrap by APA Films

-Applied by FX Tint

Niche Stuttgart wheels: 19×10 -8 front & 19×14 -70 rear

Michelin Pilot Sports: 255/35 front & 325/30 rear

Fabspeed short headers & muffler delete

Numeric short shifter & cables 

Fabspeed carbon fiber intake

Airlift 3P performance

D2 coilovers with airbags

Corbeau RRS seats

Seatbelt Planet orange seatbelts

Carbon fiber steering wheel

LED halo projector headlights

widebody Porsche 996

widebody Porsche 996

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