The SEMA Show is where the aftermarket industry goes to hard park. It’s a lot of glamor, a lot of indulgence, a lot of excess, a lot of stardom, a lot of big egos, and a lot of big time showin’ off… with a lot of money to back it up. On one hand, it’s the coolest spectacle to ever be seen if you’re a car guy. On the other hand, it makes you sick to your stomach… because it’s so far outside your own personal reality. The cars are flawless. Perfect. Better than perfect. Especially some of the older resto-mods.It’s easier and takes less time to make a brand new car awesome… it’s still very difficult on the time constraints that they’re given, but at least you get to start with a clean slate. Some of these older cars
though, are just – too good. Truly one of a kind. Makes you shake your head and just kinda want to throw in the towel and quit, because we’re used to doing our own shit in our own garage. And you don’t have enough time in your lifespan to get skilled enough to build something like that. And if you beat the odds and actually pulled it off… there’s no f*cking way that you’d ever put it anywhere where any harm could ever come to it. You don’t trust regular distracted citizens around cars like this….

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2497lbs, 550hp, 64 degrees of steering angle

550hp, 520tq on Mustang dyno
Technica Motorsports built S52
JE Pistons
Stock Rods and Bolts
ARP 2000 Head Studs
Cometic .70 Head Gasket
Precision 6265 Ball Bearing Billet Wheel Turbo. T3 .86 a/r
Precision 46mm compact wastegate
SPA Turbo Manifold
Technica Motorsports Factory ECU Tuning
Technica Motorsports Blow-Through MAF
Technica Motorsports Injectors
Technica Motorsports Oil Feed adapter
Walbro Fuel Pump
S-Max Performance 22x12x3.5 mid mounted Intercooler
Toxic Fabrication intercooler piping
Vibrant Performance 4″ Oval Exhaust by Toxic Fabrication
Secret Services Auto aluminum coolant expansion tank and coolant catch can
NonStopTuning Alternator and Aux pulley system
Toxic Fabrication oil catch can with -10an lines
Level7TUNE aluminum radiator

Toxic Fabrication stitch welding and reinforcement
Toxic Fabrication roll cage
BC Racing ER-Type Double Adjustable External Reservoir Coilover System
UUC rear camber arms
UUC rear trailing arm bushings
VAC Engine and Transmission Mounts
Technica Motorsports chassis harness and fuse box
Technica Motorsports rear subframe bushings
Stock M3 brake calipers with brass guides and Technica Motorsports Stainless lines
Level7TUNE Drift Spec Ebrake pads
Brembo drilled and slotted rotors
Secret Services Auto bash bar

Sparco Circuit Pro Hans (Driver)
Cobra Suzuka Pro Kevlar (Passenger)
Safety Racing sfi belts – Purple and black
Secret Services Auto ultra low seat brackets
Level7TUNE Ebrake handle
Circle track 14″ aluminum steering wheel
Speedway quick release and splined steering shaft
Autometer water temp, K’s 60mm boost, AEM UEGO wideband
Technica Motorsports Modified dash
Oddessy Battery and Mount
Sony deck, JL speakers, CV 10″ sub and 800 amp

Carbon Wraps custom 5 color vehicle wrap
OEM M3 sideskirts, front and rear bumpers
China Special r-iced out taillights
Level7TUNE big BRO flares front and rear
Nevrslo carbon roundels
Long acre power cut off switch
Sideways Vinyl
Level7TUNE lexan windows

SLR Control arms and Steering kit
BC Racing RA01 2-piece forged wheels 18×9.5 -5 and 18×9.5 -15
Nexen N9000 275-35-18 front and 275-35-18 rear

I have to give mad props to my homies over at BC Racing Suspension, Technica Motorsports, NonStopTuning, ACT, Vibrant Performance, Precision Sport Industries, Carbon Wraps, Toxic Fabrication, and NevrSlo for working together as a team and helping me win another XDC Championship! I’d also like to thank Cody Slack, T-Cox, Jbuck, David Hugh, Jeremy Tibbs, my girlfriend Kaitie, and everyone who made this all possible. Lets not forget the magazine that your reading the feature in! Stay Hood Bitches!