Import Alliance car show

Win Some: We went out to do some shooting for the next issue.  Bryson from Wagenwerks ATL owns the white Jetta (350whp daily track car).  Kevin owns the R32 GTI.  If you like the band Cartel, then you oughta like ’em even more now – cause Kevin’s the drummer.  It’s cool when the bands that you listen to share your hobbies, and it’s cool when guys ‘make it’ outside of your average 9to5.  We did the shoot at Memorial Tattoo in Cabbagetown, and Bryson got his hand touched-up (no homo).  The dude in the last pic is Mark.  He’s one of the local go-to guys when it comes to modding mopeds.

Lose Some: We had a really dope Civic Wagovan lined up to go in the next issue – H22 swap, rag top, turquoise, etc.  Last minute, he pulled out to go in Honda Tuning.  F**king mag games man… they told the owner if he wanted it in HT, it couldn’t be in S3. It’s a bummer, because it was already shot by Joe, and that car was gonna be a sick fit in S3.  But it’ll also make a nice addition to HT, so look for it in a future issue.



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