This is my ’79 911SC. Porsches mean a lot of things for a lot of people. To me – they are my heritage. I grew up around these air-cooled 911s. My dad, and all of his car buddies, have been Porsche enthusiasts for longer than I’ve been on this planet. My dad still has an ’82 SC that he bought in ’83. The sounds & the smells that come from these cars bring comfort to me, remind me of who I am, and take me back to my childhood…..


Wheels are a huge part of the car game these days. They are bought, sold, and swapped with regularity & without a second thought. The wheels on this car are the exact wheels that my dad ran back in the 80s – on his 911. Not the exact ‘type’ of wheels… but the ‘exact’ wheels. He took them off in the early 90s, because he wanted to go back to the original Fuchs. I was about 11 at the time. And here I am, 23 years later, digging the wheels out of his basement to put them on my own car…..







Another clear memory from even further back: When I was a boy & we still lived in Jacksonville my, dad held up a set of the 911 legendary shark-fin stone guards in the garage as I played with my bike, and asked me if I thought he should put them on his car. Of course, as a ricer in training, I said “Oooooo YEEAAAH!!”… but he never quite talked himself into it. Instead – he put the guards back in his tool box to think about it for another day. 23 years later – I took those same guards out of his tool box… and put them on this car. -Wooley