Being a bonafide road-tripper since birth… and spending my childhood conquering miles in the backseat of station wagons: Let me passionately vouch for the magic of road trips. The freedom of the open road is an unparalleled joy. Although it can also occasionally introduce you to a level of boredom that’s practically unheard of lol. But here’s the secret: Within that seemingly mundane monotony, lies the canvas upon which the most unforgettable journeys are painted. And that’s something that just won’t happen at 30,000 feet.

type-R road trip

Having zigzagged all across this great nation… 

Both by air & on its ribbons of asphalt, I’ve piloted everything from coupes to burly duallys hauling trailers spanning 30 to 40 feet. I’ve traversed through landscapes that would absolutely drop your jaw in awe, their beauty unrivaled. However, I’ve also navigated through regions that could almost convince even the most die-hard road trip advocate to opt for flying, like being on a treadmill for hundred of miles. Making you question your own eyes like, “I swear we passed that already?!”

road trip miata

Kevin Bandy road-tripping his Miata across the country

Embarking on a road trip, especially with loved ones or a bunch of pals…

Is a sentiment that defies my ability to adequately put into words. It can be a single vehicle, or a convoy, The journey can stay on the map, or lead through off-the-beaten-paths… like venturing to Windrock Park alongside Jeepin Bubba & the Black Bear crew. Or crossing the expanse of the US to rendezvous with Jolly and the Hoonigan squad in LA. Even going solo – you just know it’s going to be an indelible adventure.

overland road trip

Jeepin’ Bubba exploring new trails

Fate has led me into a thrilling career that keeps my wife, our 4-month-old son, and me in a perpetual state of exploration…

We’ve stumbled upon unexpected wonders along the way. Like the life-sized Transformers in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Or breathtaking driving routes hidden away in Gunnison, Colorado. And of course the the iconic Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas. We’ve traced the legendary Route 66, where we even stumbled upon the real-life gas station in Cool Springs, Arizona that inspired Radiator Springs from the movie Cars.

Looking down from the skies… 

You overlook spots you might never actually explore, caught in a loop of hopping between big cities & ticking off clichés. The repetitiveness of air travel, even for those of us who enjoy a more plush experience, can become incredibly vexing. Particularly when transitioning from one rental car to another. Nothing quite matches the feeling of your own vehicle immersed in totally new surroundings. If circumstances allow, it’s a smart move to always have a ride in your collection that’s ready to take you anywhere, at anytime.

bronco trail

Kevin Bandy – back at it in his Bronco

Venturing on road trips instills an appreciation for your environment…

It imparts patience & keen observation, and highlights the impact that terrain, elevation, and temperature has on your vehicle. A true enthusiast should never hit the road without some vital tools in tow. And interestingly, these journeys often lead to spontaneous encounters with fellow adventuring enthusiasts at our regular stops – be it gas stations or eateries. These chance meetings forge connections with like-minded individuals all across the map… friendships that might just prove invaluable when you least anticipate it.

type-R sedona

Our old CTR in Sedona

Taco Bell cantina

Taco Bell Cantina at Pacifica State Beach in Pacifica, Ca.

The open road is calling…

Complete with stunning views, food that’s so good it’ll make your taste buds dance, and photo-ops that’ll have you saying, “Did I just stumble into a postcard?” Go experience it. And follow that sense of exploration & discovery.

Jeep beach daytona

Jeep Beach, Daytona

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