After driving the 2018 Toyota Camry, I would tend to say something along the lines of “basic transportation”. And “If good, basic transportation as what you want & need, look no further than the Camry.” 

But really – the 2018 Camry is far from basic transportation. It’s a sensible genius. And it’s actually pretty exceptional… even if it’s common & often overlook-able. 

2018 Toyota Camry

The 2018 Toyota Camry is linear progression of + an improvement on… all the previous Camrys. It feels familiar, yet fresh. And looking through this newest Camry, you can see the styling direction that Toyota is taking the brand into the next decade. The design (especially on the higher-end models), is pretty exceptional for what some would call ‘basic transportation’. And for decades now, the Camry has always been the model that’s kind of the platform for the Toyota brand. Meaning – a lot of times, you’ll see it on the Camry first… and then it will filter through the other models. On this newest Camry, for example, you’ll notice that driver/passenger window swoop slightly down below the hood line just past the sideview mirrors, enlarging the window area, thus giving great visibility at the front corners. That’s a trend-shifting design cue that I think many manufacturers will follow in the years to come. The interior is spacious, and that spacious feeling is accentuated by those enlarged windows & full panoramic sunroof. 

The formula with the 2018 Camry is: Good, solid, reliable transportation. It’s everything that you need… plus a little bit more… but nothing over-the-top. Nothing that’s going to senselessly drive up the price and/or lower the reliability. It’s a seemingly simple formula, that’s anything but simple to do as flawlessly as Toyota’s done it for decades now. And the fact that you can see 20+ year old Camrys out there on the road, literally every time you leave your driveway & run to the store… it’s a testament to how good & well thought-out these Camrys really are. 

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