ACT clutch

The Import Alliance met-up at Talladega Super Speedway for the first time this past weekend… so here is a massive photo dump for your sharing, stealing, and/or inspiration lol. Martell released the newest version of his Integra with copper everything. Jeesh can somebody throw a bucket of mud on this thing please? Notice that front bumper with JDM lower portion, and US upper/headlights.

clean Integra



Kelvin Ornelas’s turbo K EG hatch. This guy was stomping on most everybody during the roll races… from GTRs to new ZL1s. I’m not sure what’s done to it… all I know is that – he’s lying. 😉

Erica Dale’s K-swapped EK. Erica is Kelvin’s girlfriend ^^^^, and her adult car is a G8.

Taylor Nunn’s Si. Stare at this too long, and you’ll want one.

Will Ford’s new clean-as-hell Civic Sedan. Somebody spent waaaay too much effort keeping this thing in MINT condition.

Adventure Motor Cars restored Land Rover. It’s a Jeep thing, you wouldn’t understand.

James Taylor’s Volkswagen CC. You already knew that though.

Omari Winbush’s S14.

Todd Hudson’s Silvia. He sells new Mopars… and he drives 90s imports. But if you need a Hellcat/Trackhawk, look no further! He’ll give you the car-bro discount.




Mazda6 on TSW Bathurst wheels.


The faces of Import Alliance. This guy in the CRX swears he’s just got a ‘little bit’ of nitrous… with just a ‘few’ miles on the engine.


Sometimes bubble are the main thing. And I needed wanted a G35/37 in years… until I saw this one. Funny thing: there’s a red 4-door G37 6-speed somewhere in here that got my blood pumping too.














CVCC knob & steering wheel? I think?






Kelsey Rowling’s giving ride-alongs!