A three row crossover is a poorly designed minivan.  Yeah you heard me!  Hear me out.  A crossover is a SUV based on a car that has the added responsibility of looking like a truck first and carrying people second.  A minivan on the other hand is also based on car but it’s sole responsibility is to carry people.  One of whom does a better job than the other but the other is stuck with a stigma that cannot be avoided.  Now for those people trying to avoid that dreaded minivan stigma… one of the best crossovers you can choose is the 2016 Infiniti QX60.

For 2016 the QX60 has been updated with new facias front and rear along with some much needed ‘sportiness’.  It’s not a Cayenne Turbo but with its revised steering and chassis reinforcements it won’t flop over when turning into your local Starbucks.  Now what Infiniti did with the transmission is truly amazing.  It’s one of those dreaded CVT units but with its revised programming you will never know.

The cabin remains largely the same as before and that’s not a bad thing.  The seats in all rows are extremely comfortable, the fit and finish is excellent and there is room in all three rows for actual humans.  Yes the hatch space is a bit small (with the 3rd row up) but that is the case with EVERY crossover.  So how do we sum this up?

The newly refreshed Infiniti QX60 stands apart as one of the best people haulers on the market today.  That works right?