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Track-day, time-attack, full-course drifting, music festival, and camping. Gridlife has been gaining a really unique & cool driver-base AND fan-base for years now… with events exclusively in the Midwest. About a year ago, Road Atlanta caught wind of some of the various mag coverage & viral social media videos, and contacted Chris Stewart, Gridlife founder. They saw the natural energy & camaraderie in what Gridlife had put together, and with the right venue, they believed it really had the potential go to the next level. Road Atlanta approached Chris, because they thought they could be ‘that venue’. So this past weekend, the inaugural ‘Gridlife South’ took place at Road Atlanta. And something in recreational motorsports was forever changed. We all felt it. Only time will show us exactly what it was… but I think we can all agree that watching pro drivers drift Turn 12 is an awesome thing to see. Expect 2017 to be the huge breakout year for Gridlife South – which is currently targeting the weekend after Labor Day Weekend ’17. Put this on your calendar! And go to Gridlife to see some of the videos. See more photos here.

wide 2002 BMW

Gridlife South


Exocet offroad

Gridlife South

Gridlife South Porsche

Lovefab NSX Gridlife

track Evo