Volk Wheels

Welcome to the new 2016 Lexus GS-F in full production form!  The spiritual follow up to the revered IS-F this one is packing a 5.0 V8 making 467 horsepower and 389 lb.-ft. of torque spinning up to 7300 RPM!  0-60 in the mid 4 second range and massive 380mm 6 piston Brembos.  Check out the beauty shots below and we’ll have a full review on this car in the coming weeks!

2016_Lexus_GS_F_002_DC9D3F3632067076060B75A77497135A02E11879 2016_Lexus_GS_F_036_0F39D499D02A004F01B0102843466CB69604B950 2016_Lexus_GS_F_010_EE28B37DC1DC7094B16551F1C6EF320690B0715E 2016_Lexus_GS_F_003_675543A9F185AEE39D76BF90ADA183EAA991ADB2