Go ahead and slide it in.

No, not the DM’s, stay outta there. No one wants that mirror selfie. We’re talking about into apexes.

Like drifting, it’s all about that glorious purgatory between traction and destruction, and motorcycles offer a few ways to get it in. In fact, here are two new options, one a competition bred concept, one a production bound piece.

Which would you rock?

Weapon 1: Yamaha DT-07 Concept

Yamaha DT-07 Concept

Just unveiled at the AIMExpo, Yamaha’s flat track concept has competition, not the streets in mind. Based around the FZ-07, it features an all new custom frame, uprated motor to 90hp, new exhaust, and the removal of the front brake.

Flat track is a lot like early NASCAR racing – oval dirt tracks, big brass balls, and a lot of sliding.

The DT-07 harkens back to one of the greats, King Kenny Roberts, and is headed to the track for its next test, but production is up in the air.

Weapon 2: Husqvarna 701



The Husqvarna is less concept dreaminess, and more real world ready-to-wheelie. In fact, it’s hitting our shores in November.

This is the ideal candidate for urban naughtiness. The type that won’t get you arrested, but will have various one-finger salutes in traffic.

690cc’s, 65hp, and 320 lbs are the important specs. Where dirtbikes converted to supermotos can be high strung and tempremental, the 701 trades a little bit of weight for realiability and longer service intervals. Don’t get it twisted though, it will haul.

If you’re more the euro-derived city bomber as opposed to dirt track sliding, this is your best bet.

So, sound off in the comments below on your choice.

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