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Here is the thing with the 2016 Lexus RX350.  For all intents and purposes it’s a lifted version of the oh-so-squishy ES350 and that’s not a bad thing.   This crossover was designed to envelope you and isolate you in utter comfort.  The outside world is put through a filter of exquisite leather, wood and other fine materials.   It’s so relaxing you have a strong possibility of falling asleep, but don’t worry your pretty little head!  Lexus is aware of that and there is a drowsiness monitor to stir you awake.

2016 Lexus RX350

The exterior design stands in stark contrast to its driving dynamics.  It’s a blend of aggressive angles and ridges.  It is one of the most striking looking vehicles on the road today.  It can be a divisive design language but the interior will win everyone over  You sink into the front seats and never want to leave.  The second row coddles its occupants almost as well and offers huge amounts of leg and headroom.  On the utility side of things,  cargo space is vast and with the rear seats folded down offers 56.3 cubic feet of room.  It’s a Lexus so you already know the fit and finish is top notch.

Let’s talk about the driving experience.  We are not going to talk about 0-60, quarter mile or skid-pad numbers because that is not the purpose of the RX350.  The purpose is a serene driving experience especially with the FWD Premium model we tested.  The cabin is eerily quiet and yes there is a Sport Mode but you’ll never use it.  The power delivery is silky smooth and shifts from the 8 speed automatic are imperceptible.  We average around 20 MPG in city driving which is about standard for it’s class.

All in all the 2016 Lexus RX350 offers a class leading formula of comfort, reliability and a serene driving experience.  It’s a Lexus after all.


Import Alliance car show