Let me preface the following rant with this statement:   I love wagons and if I could sell my kidney for a decent amount of money I would bring over an Audi RS6 Avant in a heartbeat.

You know this and I know this…US market is severely allergic to wagons but auto aficionados and journalists absolutely adore them.  Those lovable freaks cannot/will not understand the American public’s fascination with SUV/Crossovers.  So whenever we are lucky enough to have a new wagon introduced for the US market, every review starts out the same ’OMGAHHH the new X wagon!  Why is everyone buying crossovers??  Buy this! *drool*’

Well the answer is easy.  It’s because of the taller roofline and the ‘command’ driving position a SUV/Crossover provides.  If you are not a parent you will not understand but trust me it’s a lot easier getting a baby out of a crossover than a car.  Regardless this review is about the brand new 2016 Volkwagen Golf Sportwagen.

Keyword is Golf not Jetta Sportwagen.  The difference being that this rides on the fantastic MQB chassis that underpins the Golf, A3, and the TT.   This is by far one of the best driving VW products we have reviewed.  The steering is perfectly weighted and direct, the brakes are strong and the lovable 1.8t is potent.  The interior quality is first rate and the front seats are outstandingly comfortable and supportive.  It comes with a ginormous panoramic sunroof, plenty of room in the second row and of course the cargo area is huge.

No single car will ever turn the tide of public sentiment against SUV/Crossovers but if your opinion of VW have soured lately…you will fall right back in love.   I f you are shopping for a midsize car, you deserve to give the Golf Sportwagen a shot.  Skip right over the Jetta, go straight here.  It’s that good.