The Platinum edition of the newly redesigned 2017 Ford Fusion is impeccable.  Impeccable in the sense that it will absolutely blow you away with its sumptuous and luxurious interior.  The leather that is strewn about the cabin is not just great…it’s top notch.  It is soft and buttery smooth to touch and the beautifully sewed seats are an absolute work of art, not just aesthetically but ergonomically as well.  The interior looks, feels and smells lavish.

Now let’s talk about the Energi portion of this Fusion equation.  Energi means plug in hybrid.  So in essence it’s a Nissan Leaf meets Toyota Prius.  You can run up to (as observed) 25 miles on electricity alone and from there it turns into a regular gas hybrid.  We were getting (this is not a typo) 55.8 MPG in the city.  The only real issue was that the battery lives in the trunk, which means trunk space was ummm minimal.  But who cares? 55.8 MPG in the city!

So how do I sum this up?  If gas mileage and comfort is a priority get the Energi.  If you just want comfort get the regular gas Platinum and save yourself around $5000.  It will still give you one of the best interiors available on any midsize sedan on the market today along with 30 MPG on the highway.  I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again.  Have you driven a Ford lately?


There is a twin turbo 350 horsepower all-wheel drive Fusion coming…called the Fusion Sport.  It’s the poor man’s S4.  So.  Much.  Excite.



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