2016 Accord Sport


C’mon – what is there to say about the Accord that you don’t know already.

It’s no race car, but it is a winner.

And you don’t need to read a review to know what you’re gonna get.

There’s a reason why you see so many Accords out there. Look around – and you’ll quickly notice that you see 3-4 decades worth of Accords on the road – regularly.

2016 Accord Sport

And I think it’s safe to admit, there’s no one thing about an Accord that’s going to blow your socks clean off. But when you put all of the smart details/features together – a long history of reliability, a clean mature design, lots of useable space, common sense, low stress/irritation factor, good fuel economy, low maintenance, solid value… it just works for a lot of people. And for that, it’s a great car.

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This is the 2016 Accord Sport, with the 4-cylinder engine & CVT transmission. The Sport comes with a nicely trimmed-out interior, aero kit, dual exhaust, and more aggressive wheels/tires. Quite a few people went out of their way to comment on the car’s appearance… taken back that it was ‘just’ an Accord. Our particular test car did not come with a ton of options, other than the Sport Package. So it did not have things like a sunroof, navigation, and satellite radio. But here’s the zinger: The sticker price was only 25 & some change.

2016 Accord Sport

It’s a ton of car for the money, that will give you a hell of a lot of return on investment. In fact, this Accord has a lower sticker price than the new 2016 Civic EX we reviewed.


If I had any knock on the Accord, it’s that they’ve been using the same chassis since 2008. But the upside to that, is that there have been updates, improvements, and significant visual enhancements along the way… to really make this the best version of this generation of Accord.

2016 Accord Sport


2016 Accord interior