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Scion IA review

Speaking as a ‘car guy’ snob – the new Scion iA sucks. It’s slow, and it’s about as sexy as a tadpole.

BUT – speaking as a big-brother to all you millennial guys & girls out there… I understand why Scion made it, and why you might want/need it.

You’re trying to get life started. The system hasn’t exactly made it easy on you guys. You want to do something with your life that matters. And the fact of the matter is – it’s tough. The odds seem to be stacked against you. You’re probably working a job or two… racking up school debt. You’re driving around a 15-20 year-old piece of shit… and it’s complicating your life. It’s worn out, it’s unreliable. It’s probably getting bad miles-per-gallon. It might be ‘paid for’… but it’s costing you money.

Scion IA grille

That’s where the Scion iA comes in & solves problems. The iA is $16,000… which makes it about as inexpensive as any new car you can get. BUT BUT BUT – unlike almost all other entry-level new cars, the iA’s got what millennials want & need to sync up with the pace of their lives & environment.

The Scion iA comes with:

-A 7-inch touchscreen infotainment


-Backup camera

-Keyless entry & trunk-pop

-Push-button start

-Power windows & locks

-Killer AC

-Nicely trimmed/accented interior

…All the goods.

Scion IA interior tech infotainment

You’re not gonna get that in any other $16,000 new car. And these aren’t garbage components either – it’s the same tech I saw in the brand new $32,000 Mazda MX-5 that I drove a couple weeks earlier (the Scion iA is actually half Mazda).

The iA is a solid chassis. It handles well. It’s fun to scoot around in. It gets 39 MPGs AVERAGE on regular gas. As far as ownership goes, it will be extremely cheap on consumables – like fuel & tires. And it will give you years of problem-free reliability.

Let’s be honest: Sometimes a new car is what you need to get your life & your goals jumpstarted in the right direction. And sometimes – a manageable car payment can be the first/best step to begin simplifying your life. That’s the Scion iA.

2016 Scion IA

Scion IA dash


Scion IA console

Scion IA

Scion IA

Scion IA

Scion IA


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