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Burly Brand Harley Scrambler Jump

Sportster, Civics, Mustangs, And Doing it Right

It’s not what you drive/ride, it’s how you thrash it. That’s the custom mantra. It’s what’s driven us to take inappropriate machines, and drift, race, and drag them against more “proper” opponents.

The results, for our culture, are always better – more innovation, more fun, and more speed. Just look at what drifting Mustangs and drag racing Civics has done for the scene. At the time, it was unheard of, and now, it’s crafted a whole industry about making the wrong choice the best choice.

Burly Brand Harley Scrambler

Sportsters in the Dirt


And that brings us to taking Harley’s in the dirt. A Sportster is not a dirtbike, but yet, in that grand tradition of hotrodding, riders are shredding them offroad, and Burly Brand is leading the charge. A new suspension, new bars, and of course better tires, and boom, one of the world’s most inappropriate dirtbikes is born.

This goes back to the original scrambler mantra in a sense, in the very thinnest of terms. Yes, before dirtbikes people converted street bikes for the dirt to have one bike to do it all. However, the Sportster was rarely the first choice. Often, riders would choose the lighter British and Japanese counterparts, but today, a Sportser is a prime candidate for getting gnar gnar.

Why Would You Do This?

Because the the worst choice is always the best, that’s what makes the custom scene awesome; the complete and total disregard of the status quo. Nothing says that more than a 500lb.+ bike flying through the air.

Burly Brand Harley Scrambler

It won’t get you a number one plate at Supercross, but in terms of balls out fun, you should definitely look at getting a “bad” dirtbike for yourself.

Already have one? We’d love to see it. We want to do more digital features, so drop us a line on Facebook, Instagram, or right here.

So, who’s ready to get dirty?

Burly Brand Harley Scrambler Burnout