Let’s be honest – the Buick Encore is a polished turd. A Chevy Trax with a makeover.

Buick Encore

It looks goofy on the outside (arguably a little ‘cute’ I guess). And the seating position is just as goofy on the inside. It’s like driving a car from your dining room chair.


But hey, the dash is nicely trimmed… not bad to look at. The car gets good gas mileage. It’s easy to park. And it’s effortless to drive.

Buick Encore

That’s kind of the takeaway from the Encore – it’s EASY.

I get it. It’s not for me… but I get it. You don’t have to crawl up into it like a bigger SUV. You don’t have to crawl out of it like a smaller/lower sedan. With keyless entry & push-button start, it’s literally a breeze. Step out, step in, & go. Visibility is good too, thanks to that dumb seating position. Basically – the Buick Encore is a super easy errand-runner that can nab a tight parking space. Sure it’s a turd, but it’s a little polished… and that just exactly what some people need.

2017 Buick Encore

Buick Encore interior

buick encore interior


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