Photos by Jonathan Walker

Stop watching/reading fake news – The 2017 Ford Raptor is the ultimate tree-hugger vehicle. Because unlike a Prius, you can go out there & literally hug ALL the trees. Annnnd be back home in time for supper.

No flaws here: This is the truck you want! No drawbacks. Face it – you’ve wanted this thing since you were 5-years-old. You grew up sort of, the future is now, and Ford made you a monster truck. The 2017 Ford Raptor! 2017 Ford Raptor


-Snarling widebody.


-450 horsepower. 510 lbs of torque.

-10-speed transmission.

-4-wheel-drive for off-road. Plus ALL-wheel drive for slippery paved roads.

-Sport Modes for the street. And Off-Road & Traction Modes for dirt, gravel, mud and sand.


-BFG all-terrains.

-Fox Shocks.

-And a kick-ass interior!

2017 Ford Raptor

But admit it, most off-road vehicles spend most of their routine on pavement… in-&-out of traffic. And in a paved environment, the Raptor is a comfortable, spacious, EASY daily driver. It’s real fast when you want it to be, and yet totally laid back when you want it to be.

2017 Ford Raptor

100% – this could be your only ‘family vehicle’, and you wouldn’t have any issues with daily-drivability. The only caveat to that statement would be your geographical location. 1) If you live in a congested urban area full of tight spaces, and/or 2) If you live in a region with higher-than-average gas prices. …Those issues could wear on you.

But let’s be honest, if you’re a city dweller who’s concerned about premium gas, this is not your truck. The Raptor needs acreage.

2017 Ford Raptor

Off-road, the Raptor is a thrasher!

All the Ford marketing & journalist media hype is NOT overrated. Nor is it oversold.

The Raptor is big & wide – yeah. But when you open it up on dirt roads, the truck feels totally agile, athletic, and sprung on its feet. As mentioned, it ‘needs acreage’… because it will eat up miles of dirt road FAST! It honestly doesn’t feel like you’re in an OEM production vehicle. It feels more like you’re in some sort of government-contracted ‘get the hell outta dodge quick’ vehicle.

You can plow the thing through dips, bumps, and mud holes at a higher MPH than what seems possible… or even fair. Admittedly – the Raptor wanted more than I was willing to give it.

Ford Raptor

The truck’s physical size may limit where it can go, compared to a smaller Jeep/4×4 for example. But the Raptor’s speed & sheer adrenaline are just totally unmatched. Absolutely no doubt – it’s a bucket list truck.

Ford Raptor


Raptor offroad

Ford Raptor interior

2017 Ford Raptor

Ford Raptor

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