Konig Flow Formed Hypergrams now available in 4×108! Wooley got a set for his Fiesta ST, specs below:

  • OEM wheels/tires = 44.2lbs
  • Hypergrams with Toyo R888Rs = 36.5lbs
  • Wheels = 17×8 +40
  • Tires = Toyo R888R 205/40/17


The Hypergram is a lightweight, 12-spoke design that is motorsport inspired in its construction, appearance and its ability to clear many big brake cars and upgrades. Utilizing Flow Forming Technology allows the Hypergram to be lighter and stronger. With a large range of aggressive sizing the Hypergram is finished in either Matte Grey, Race Bronze, and Red Opal.

Flow Forming Technology Makes Wheels Lighter and Stronger.

Flow forming is one of the most advanced manufacturing technologies to enter the wheel industry. Flow Forming Technology involves the application of pressure to the inner barrel of the wheel, while spinning and after it has been casted.


This process stretches and compresses the aluminum, which increases tensile strength. In this respect the process shares similar properties to those found in the forging process. The final product is lighter, stronger, has increased elongation, and a much greater shock resistance as well as an increased load capacity over regular cast wheels.


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